On Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, the suspect Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis drove a van carrying a 1,000 pounds of explosives to the New York Federal Reserve building on Liberty Street. Justice Department attorney Loretta Lynch is quoted as saying Nafis “thought he was striking a blow to the American economy. He thought he […]

Media Dismisses Warning About Tyranny and Troops on the Street as Kooky Conspiracy Theory

(PRISON PLANET)      Chad Garrison‘s critique of the news that the Army is driving military vehicles through the streets of St. Louis, Missouri, is typical of the media response to this outrageous event – a local television station’s coverage “really ignited the crazies” in the same way Orson Welles’ War of World radio broadcast did […]

Missouri National Guard sergeant tied to Nazism is fired

ShareThis Missouri National Guard sergeant tied to Nazism is fired –‘Although he lost his state position, Wooten is still a National Guard member.’ 18 Mar 2012 Former co-workers say Nathan Wooten is a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi who had a portrait of Adolf Hitler in his living room, tried to recruit others to the cause and named […]

Day after losses, Romney says he’s better tea party candidate than GOP rivals

By Associated Press, The Washington Post ATLANTA — Mitt Romney says he’s a better tea party candidate than his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. The former Massachusetts governor lashed out at Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum on Wednesday, the day after losing contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. Romney says his opponents are members […]

Santorum Victories Disprove Tea Party Myth

By Rich Thomas, Rick Santorum’s sweeping victories in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri do more than buoy the former Pennsylvania senator’s chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination or hand front-runner Mitt Romney a severe setback. Santorum’s triple win also disproves the popular myth that the tea party is somehow a new phenomenon in conservative […]

Jewish groups get most money from federal security grants

ShareThis Jewish groups get most money from federal security grants 02 Jan 2012 In 2010, 94 percent of DHS’s nonprofit security funding went to Jewish groups that are, in the words of the Department of Homeland Security, “at high risk of terrorist attack.” Last month, the Nonprofit Security Grant Program awarded three St. Louis Jewish […]