U.S. building Afghanistan a new $92 million ‘Pentagon’

ShareThis U.S. building Afghanistan a new $ 92 million ‘Pentagon’ 01 Jul 2012 The United States is spending $ 92 million to build Afghanistan a new “Pentagon,” a massive five-story military headquarters with domed roofs and a high-tech basement command center that will link Afghan generals with their troops. Even with American troops beginning their […]

Britons protest Olympic missiles scheme in east London

ShareThis Britons protest Olympic missiles scheme in east London 30 Jun 2012 Britons residing in East London have staged a demonstration to stress their opposition to the government’s plans to install surface-to-air missiles on rooftops for added security during the Olympics. According to campaigners, more than 1,000 people signed a petition to censure the government’s […]

Israel airport security demands access to tourists’ private email accounts

ShareThis Israel airport security demands access to tourists’ private email accounts –Several U.S. tourists report being asked by airport security personnel for access to their personal email accounts 06 Jun 2012 Israel’s Shin Bet security service has been demanding access to personal email accounts of visiting tourists with Arab names, according to the testimony of […]

Cop shop: Crisis-hit Greece rents police for €30 per hour

(RT)   Greece is offering a ‘cop-for-hire’ service, renting out policemen for €30 per hour, plus €10 if you want a police car too. It triggered fears that security of people who cannot afford a policeman for hire may be affected in favor of those who can. This new way for the cash-strapped Greek state to […]

British troops shot dead by Afghanistan police officers

(London Guardian)   Two British servicemen have been shot dead by members of the Afghan police force, prompting renewed fears over the possible infiltration of the country’s security forces by insurgents. The Ministry of Defense said that a Royal Air Force airman and a soldier from 1st Battalion Welsh Guards were killed on Saturday in the […]

Spain nationalizes fourth-largest bank as crisis deepens

Spain’s government will effectively nationalize the nation’s fourth largest bank to shore up the hurting banking sector and try to convince investors the country doesn’t need a bailout like those taken by Greece, Ireland and Portugal, the Economy Ministry said Wednesday. Under the deal, €4.5 billion ($ 5.9 billion) in funding that Bankia SA received […]

‘Sonic weapon’ deployed in London during Olympics

ShareThis ‘Sonic weapon’ deployed in London during Olympics –Royal Marines operating in patrol craft from HMS Ocean are also heavily armed with conventional firearms. 11 May 2012 The Ministry of Defence has confirmed a device which can be used as a “sonic weapon” will be deployed in London during the Olympics. The American-made Long Range […]

Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds

In an open letter sent of May 14, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, the Executive Director of MPP (Peasant Movement of Papay) and the spokesperson for the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPNKP), called the entry of Monsanto seeds into Haiti “a very strong attack on small agriculture, on farmers, on biodiversity, on Creole seeds…, […]

Touchdown! Russia’s Elusive Mars Probe Crashes into Pacific – or Atlantic?

Russia Today January 15, 2012 Russia’s Phobos-Grunt, whose mission to a Martian moon went astray before circling the Earth, has finally plunged into the Pacific Ocean, says Russia’s Defense Ministry. But experts from Russia’s aerospace industry insist it hit the Atlantic Ocean. ­The stray probe plunged into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean at […]

Iran blasts US, UK for N-assassination

ShareThis Iran blasts US, UK for N-assassination –‘The Uk is responsible for such acts of terror. 13 Jan 2012 Iran’s Foreign Ministry has blasted the US and UK governments for their obvious roles in assassinating Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan in two strongly-worded protest notes. Ahmadi Roshan was assassinated on Wednesday, after an unknown motorcyclist […]