Iran missiles can hit all US bases in Mideast: Commander

ShareThis Iran missiles can hit all US bases in Mideast: Commander 02 Jun 2012 A top Iranian military commander says the United States’ bases in the Middle East are all within the range of Iran’s missiles. “The politicians and the military men of the United States are well aware of the fact that all of […]

Israel Hints at Role in New ‘Super Virus’ Spreading Across Mideast

It is perhaps the most sophisticated piece of malicious software ever designed – a digital surveillance device so complex it ran on sensitive government computer networks for years, undetected. The new “Flame” surveillance virus that has been hitting computers across the Middle East appears to have come from Israel in an attempt to attack computers […]

Saudi Arabia: House of Saud Integral to U.S. Mideast Policy

American Free Press By Richard Walker February 1, 2012 While the Middle East has suffered through a momentous year of turmoil and change, Saudi Arabia has largely remained insulated from any uprising. This is primarily due to the country’s vast wealth and power, which it has used to buy allegiance from its own people, quash […]