Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities

Stephan Lendman Washington’s dirty hands control regional belligerence. Longstanding policy unleashed a regional bloodbath.              

Ranchers in the middle of the US are selling off cattle as a mounting drought withers their grazing land and cornfields Federal Jack              

Iran Navy Helps U.S. Ship Attacked By Pirates In Middle East

(Michelle Wiese Bockmann)   Iran’s navy helped a U.S.-flagged cargo ship that was attacked by pirates off the United Arab Emirates, according to the vessel’s owner, Maersk Line Ltd. The Iranian navy was the first to respond to the initial distress call from the Maersk Texas, Kevin Speers, senior director of marketing at Maersk Line, said […]

Obama Plans More Middle East Wars

The Intel Hub By Stephen Lendman March 10, 2012 Cheerled by America’s major media scoundrels, war looks increasingly likely. Syria and Iran both are targeted. Imagine the potential catastrophic consequences, especially if nuclear weapons are used. They were before. Why not now. The prospect’s chilling. In his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas (the Ring), Richard […]

Obama: ‘Middle Class Taxes Will Go Up, It’s That Simple’

The Intel Hub February 11, 2012 At the end of February, taxes will be raised on 160 million working Americans (the middle class) now openly admitted by the POTUS (President of the United States) in a recent weekly address. Congress needs to stop this tax hike, we need to respond in masse. President Obama stated […]

Pentagon Wants Commando “Mothership” in Middle East

Madison Ruppert | The Navy will be converting an old warship which was going to be decommissioned into a floating staging base for commando operations. The Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the Lie January 28, 2012 The USS Ponce (LPD-15) pictured here in 2009 (Photo credit: U.S. Navy) The Pentagon is now pushing […]

Blackwater mercenaries to return to Iraq

ShareThis Blackwater mercenaries to return to Iraq 12 Dec 2011 With the US pulling out troops from Iraq this month, Washington plans to send Blackwater mercenaries to the Middle Eastern country under the new brand of ACADEMI. New York-based USTC Holdings, the investment group that bought ex-Blackwater firm, Xe Services, in December 2010, announced on […]

Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair as Middle East peace envoy over ‘bias to Israel’

ShareThis Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair from his role as Middle East peace envoy over ‘bias to Israel’ –Officials: Blair acting like ‘extreme’ Israeli diplomat 30 Sep 2011 Tony Blair’s job as a Middle East peace envoy is in jeopardy after officials in the Palestinian Authority accused him of acting like an ‘extreme’ Israeli […]