Pentagon requests $49 million to build new prison at Guantanamo for ‘special’ detainees

ShareThis Pentagon requests $ 49 million to build new prison at Guantánamo for ‘special’ detainees 21 Mar 2013 The United States Southern Command has requested $ 49 million to build a new prison building at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, for “special” detainees prisoners on top of other renovations it says are necessary since Congress has decided […]

Arkansas State Senator Missy Irvin Pushes Nanny State Attack on Tattoo Parlors

(ARKANSAS TIMES)   Sen. Missy Irvin wants to protect you from the scary world of body art. The Senate Public Health committee will need to consider the new Medicaid deal but they spent some time this morning to pass Sen. Irvin’s Act to Limit Body Art Procedures, which bans scarification and dermal implants. (Scarification is a non-ink skin marking that […]

Rick Perry Grandstands Against Obamacare

By Cassandra AndersonJuly 9, 2012 Texas Governor Rick Perry announced today that he will not comply with Obamacare; he refuses to expand Medicaid and will not establish a state-run health insurance market exchange. Rick Perry is grandstanding because he has failed to protect Texans from the threat of the new IRS enforced “tax” against people […]

The Fed Agency That Paid Out the Most in Stimulus Funds Is…

Should it come as a surprise that the Department of Heath and Human Services (HHS) paid out $115,911,817,301 in stimulus funds, according to a recent report by The HHS’s biggest expenditure was $85,958,496,780 in state grants for Medicaid, reports the Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering. Other expenditures included multiple grants for income security, social services, […]

States struggle to pay for Medicaid

By Paige Winfield Cunningham, Infused with billions of extra Medicaid dollars from President Obama’s economic stimulus package, states have largely burned through the aid and are scrounging for a way to support programs bloated by the sluggish economy. The majority of states have cut provider payments as they try to make up the lost […]

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