Anti-marijuana New York assemblyman busted for weed possession

(RAW STORY)   A Republican lawmaker in New York who has a record of voting against medical marijuana legalization has been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. State police said that a suspicious odor was noticed in Assemblyman Steve Katz’s vehicle when they pulled him over for driving around 80 mph in a 75 mph […]

What a drag, Israeli firm grows “highless” marijuana

They grow in a secret location in northern Israel. A tall fence, security cameras and an armed guard protect them from criminals. A hint of their sweet-scented blossom carries in the air: rows and rows of cannabis plants, as far as the eye can see. It is here, at a medical marijuana plantation atop the […]

No Bath Salts, Only Marijuana Found In “Face-Eater” Toxicology Tests

It wasn’t bath salts. According to a statement on the full toxicology report by the Miami-Dade medical examiner, the only drug detected in the lifeless body of infamous Miami face-chewer Rudy Eugene was marijuana. “The department’s toxicology laboratory has identified the active components of marijuana,” medical examiner Dr. Bruce Hyma said in a statement. “The […]

Auto Insurance Site Says Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers

  (Steve Elliott)   There’s yet another study now that concludes marijuana users are better drivers, especially when compared with those who use alcohol behind the wheel. Twenty years of study has concluded that marijuana smokers may actually be getting a bad rap and that they may actually have fewer accidents than other drivers.  The website put […]

Stephen Baldwin on NDAA, Medical Marijuana, Military Industrial Complex, Ron Paul

Luke Rudkowski with Stephen Baldwin at CPAC 2012. Luke asks Baldwin his thoughts on the NDAA and legalizing marijuana. Baldwin is then asked by Julio Rausseo of WeAreChange in a follow up interview about the Military Industrial Complex, Ending the Wars, & Military support for Ron Paul. Julio Rausseo’s YouTube Channel: support us […]

Republican candidates stand up for states rights regarding marijuana

By: Alex Webb, Medical Marijuana prohibition and decriminalization maybe a thing of the past sooner then we realize. The issue is certainly a hot topic during this election, especially after the flat out lie and total opposite of the support promised by our current administration. President Obama has not only moved to heighten the […]

Gary Johnson ‘the marijuana guy’ takes 2012 pitch to L.A.

By Kate Linthicum, LA Times The International Drug Policy Reform Conference in downtown Los Angeles might not seem like a sensible campaign stop for a Republican presidential hopeful. There was reggae music blasting, little lapel pins shaped like marijuana leaves, and a speech by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the uber-liberal former mayor of San […]

Obama DOJ Targeting Companies Running Ads For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Federal Jack              

ATF vs 10th amendment: No gun rights for medical marijuana patients


Federal Prosecutors To Crack Down On California Marijuana Growers

By KSEE News The federal government is cracking down hard on statewide marijuana grows. Four U.S. Attorneys are spear-heading a campaign that will shut down commercial dispensaries and large-scale outdoor grows. The U.S. Attorneys stood in solidarity. “Commercial marijuana operations are illegal and we will enforce federal laws,” said U.S. Attorney Ben Wagner. These prosecutors […]