Superman Kills Zod

Man of Steel is an anti-eugenics film. The villain, Zod, was programmed from birth for one purpose – to preserve the Kryptonian race. Superman becomes Zod’s last hope to maintain his pre-programming. Zod confesses he has nightmares about killing Jor-El, Superman’s father. Zod’s right-hand lady, Faora, explains to Superman the differences between the son of […]

The Persecution of a Pioneer: “Mountain Man” Eustace Conway

(RAS RADIO)   I have no idea how “Mountain Man” Eustace Conway (FB Fan Page here) of Turtle Island Preserve has missed my radar, this man is living my dream! I stumbled upon Eustace Conway this morning after seeing a Daily Mail UK article about the predicament he is in with the local government beauracrats of Boone & Watauga Counties, North Carolina. It’s […]

Anticipating Aurora and Beyond

“What time is it?” ~ Dr. John Watson “Dawn.” ~ Sherlock Holmes ~ The Return of Sherlock Holmes, “The Man with the Twisted Lip,” 1986. What is next in our dawns? As I have mentioned before, Aurora means “dawn.” Unfortunately, I must predict a copycat outburst for Friday, July 27th. More on that in a […]

Conn. Man Rescues 80-Year-Old Lobster From Restaurant Menu

ShareThis Conn. Man Rescues 80-Year-Old Lobster From Restaurant Menu 26 Jul 2012 A 17-pound lobster on a restaurant menu would be a delicious dinner option for most people but not for one Connecticut man who saw it as a humanitarian mission. Don MacKenzie of Niantic, Conn., purchased the lobster from a local restaurant [The Dock] […]


We Are Change East Bay News celebrates it’s 30th episode by showing it’s support to END THE FED. We Are Change San Francisco and We Are Change East Bay and a host of concerned citizens like Mike Baldwin, Dan The Man, Sean Ackley, special bull-horning by Heather Gass, commentary by Patrick Roddie, with music by […]

END THE FED 2012 – September 22, 2012

Dan The Man, Heather, Sean and Patrick live at End The Fed 2012. Vic Sadot and Eric Golub provide the music for the day END THE FED on September 22, 2012 – more info below San Francisco Event Page: END THE FED 2012 “Let’s Coin Together” September 22, 2012             […]

FLASHBACK: Man Protests Treatment By Challenging Cop To MMA Fight

(KTVI-KPLR)   Rich Stephens was an offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders in the 90′s but he’s going on the offensive now against a Byrnes Mill police department. He claims officer Tim Walker mistreated him during a traffic stop so he took out a full page ad in a paper challenging him to a fight. He […]

Miami Police Shoot Man Who Was Eating Another Man’s Face

(WSVN)    Disturbing new details and surveillance video have been released in the fatal police involved shooting off a causeway that involved naked men and cannibalism. While Larry Vega rode his bicycle off the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday afternoon, he witnessed something that can only be described as savage: a naked man chewed off the […]

Priest Conspired To Hire Hit Man To Kill Boy Who Accused Him Of Rape

A Catholic priest was found guilty Thursday of conspiracy after trying to pay a hit man $5000 to kill a 16-year old boy who had accused him of rape at gunpoint. The hit man turned out to be an undercover police officer. John Fiala, the priest (now an ex-priest), still faces sexual assault charges. A […]

Infowars Reporters Harassed by Cops For Asking Questions About ‘Chicken Man’

Paul Joseph Watson | McBreen and Morales stopped from entering city hall.