Mauritius airport on high alert after discovery of H1N1 flu case

Mauritius on Friday put its international airport on high alert after this week’s confirmation of the first case of H1N1 flu. Unconfirmed reports indicated that two other H1N1 flu cases had been diagnosed after the first hospitalization, while the Indian Ocean island country’s Health Ministry said 30 other cases had been reported. Employees of Mauritius […]

Lawmakers Question MF Global Trustee’s Work on Lehman Brokerage

By Robert Schmidt, The trustee liquidating MF Global Holdings Ltd. (MF)’s brokerage came under fire from two Republican lawmakers who said he’s proven too slow at a similar task resolving the broker-dealer of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LEHMQ) In a Nov. 4 letter to regulators, Representatives Ed Royce and Scott Garrett said they were […]

Ron Paul’s Stock Portfolio

(TF Metals Report) He puts his money where his views are. It’s chock full of gold stocks. He also is bearish on the stock market. He holds two exchange traded funds that will go up in value if the stock market goes down, Rydex-Ursa Mutual Fund and Prudent Bear Mutual Fund. Today is the required […]