New lighter-than-air material may be Holy Grail for batteries

German scientists have almost accidently created the world’s lightest material. A cubic centimetre of aerographite weighs just two ten-thousandths of a gram, six times lighter than air and 75 times lighter than Styrofoam. “You can hold it,” Dr. Rainer Adelung told the Star. “Although it has almost no gravity.” Adelung and other scientists at the […]

The Jones Plantation

One cannot change reality by changing the words you use to describe reality. Look beneath the rhetoric, and glimpse the truth. Source: Red Ice Creations News Feed              

Colo. judge bans release of suspect’s univ. docs

ShareThis Colo. judge bans release of suspect’s univ. docs 26 Jul 2012 A judge overseeing the criminal case against the suspect in the movie theater shooting has ordered the University of Colorado Denver not to release his school records. Numerous media organizations, including The Associated Press, filed open records requests for school records about former […]

Perturbador vídeo sobre el 11-S etc.

Un video muy raro lleno de simbolismo , que ha hecho la web Heliofant significa “el revelador de los misterios del sol”. El nombre “pet goat” viene del libro que leía George Bush en la clase cuando le dijeron que había un ataque a las torres gemelas , y hay muchas referencias al 11-S […]

Millions of Birds Dead, Killed in Mexico Flu Outbreak

ShareThis Millions of Birds Dead, Killed in Mexico Flu Outbreak –H7N3 virus detected at 34 farms, 199 farms still under evaluation 25 Jul 2012 Some 4.9 million birds have died since the outbreak of bird flu started five weeks ago at farms in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, officials said. All of the birds […]

Philip Marshall Questions – Waiting For Answers

by Greg Fernandez Jr “Even if I’d had no other reason to investigate, my airline family deserved an honest account of the attack. I might add that we also deserve this because 911 has been used against us ever since, in a running nightmare of contrived bankruptcy, draconian working conditions and hostile management.” – Philip […]

CIA and FBI establish threat center in London; Secret Service to enforce Trespass Act in Britain?

ShareThis CIA and FBI establish threat center in London; Secret Service to enforce Trespass Act in Britain? 26 Jul 2012 The US is sending its top spies from the CIA, FBI and other agencies to aid UK authorities during the Olympic games. British security officials have joined forces with America’s top federal intelligence agencies to […]

Was the “Batman Shooting” a Ritualistic Murder Carried Out by Mind Controlled Patsy?

When terrible events like the now infamous “Batman Shooting” occurs, I tend to not have a knee-jerk reaction of yelling “It’s a conspiracy” because, obviously, sometimes it is not. But in some cases, like this one, tidbits of information begin leaking out, weird synchronicities surface and, at a certain point, one can’t help but think […]

Max Keiser sobre el escandalo del LIBOR y el papel de la reserva Federal

En este capítulo Max Keiser y Stacy Herbert conversan sobre por qué nadie alucina con lo que sucede con LIBOR en EE.UU. mientras GlaxoSmithKline abona un 10 por ciento de sus ganancias por sobornar a médicos. En la segunda parte Max habla con Kevin Sara del TuNur, un proyecto para exportación de energía solar desde […]

Cargas, disturbios y fuego en Madrid tras la marcha contra el último recorte del Gobierno

La desbandada general provocó carreras y momentos de pánico en las calles de Preciados, Montera, Mayor, Arenal y Carretas. Las cargas pillaron por sorpresa a los centenares de turistas y clientes de la zona más comercial de Madrid, que tuvieron que refugiarse en los bares y en las tiendas. Durante más de una hora, las […]