FBI declassifies files showing Hitler did not die in Germany

  Newly declassified FBI documents prove that the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II. On April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was later discovered and identified by the Soviets before being rushed back to Russia. Is it really […]

Las teorías de ‘Cuarto Milenio’ sobre el 11-S ‘incendian’ la red

El programa ‘Cuarto Milenio’, presentado por Iker Jiménez, provocó en su edición de este domingo un encendido debate acerca de las diversas teorías existentes sobre el 11-S. ¿Hubo una conspiración en los atentados sobre las Torres Gemelas? Los participantes en el debate dieron a conocer su visión sobre lo ocurrido, dejando abierta la puerta a […]

La versión oficial del tiroteo en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles se desmorona

A lo largo de los próximos días, veremos gran cantidad de propaganda en los medios sobre la amenaza “terrorista patriota”.  TSA Shooting Narrative Disintegrates Kurt Nimmo PrisiónPlanet.com 03 de noviembre 2013 La historia oficial del tiroteo en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles el viernes pasado empieza a desmoronarse.  El gobierno y los medios están haciendo […]

Gobierno y medios atribuyen el tiroteo de Los Ángeles a “Patriotas”.

Feds Move to Pin LAX Shooting On Patriots Kurt Nimmo Prison Planet.com November 5, 2013 El FBI asumirá su papel tradicional como policía política a consecuencia del tiroteo en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles (LAX). En la noche del lunes, la agencia anunció que está investigando las creencias políticas de Paul Ciancia, el mecánico de […]

US Special Forces in Yemen

ShareThis US Special Forces in Yemen 17 May 2012 A group of about 20 U.S. special forces are on the ground in Yemen, helping the government fight insurgents in the south of the country, officials say. Their work includes using high-tech equipment to help the Yemeni military locate targets, the Los Angeles Times reported. The […]

D.C. gay rights groups evacuated after bomb threats

ShareThis D.C. gay rights groups evacuated after bomb threats –Police: One of the threats came through the Los Angeles Police Department 15 May 2012 Just days after President Barack Obama came out in support of same sex marriage, several gay rights organizations in the nation’s capital were evacuated after a bomb threat. Four locations were […]

Washington Post Reports 2010 Pentagon-CIA Drone Target Criteria as ‘New’

ShareThis Washington Post Reports 2010 Pentagon-CIA Drone Target Criteria as ‘New’ By Lori Price, http://www.legitgov.org/ 06 May 2012 An April 2012 article published in The Washington Post reported as ‘new’ an expansion of Pentagon-CIA killer drone target criteria. In fact, the change in policy was reported in May 2010 in the Los Angeles Times. Although […]

L.A. arson suspect Harry Burkhart arrested

ShareThis L.A. arson suspect Harry Burkhart arrested 03 Jan 2012 They erupted almost simultaneously, a sudden barrage of fires about 1:30 a.m. Monday that signaled the fourth night of the city’s arson rampage… Hours before the fires began, U.S. State Department officials had alerted authorities to a man connected to arson fires in Germany, according […]

Los Angeles City Council Approves $250 Fines for Barking Dogs

(FOXNEWS)    Barking dogs can lead to a hefty fine in Los Angeles. The City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance that fines owners of excessively barking dogs $ 250 for a first offense, $ 500 for a second and $ 1,000 for a third if a Department of Animal Services hearing officer decides the pooch is barking too much. […]

Ground rules went too far, free speech expert says at Irvine 11 trial

By Mona Shadia, Los Angeles Times A UC Irvine professor overstepped his boundaries when he told students that no disruptions were allowed during the Israeli ambassador’s visit on campus last year, according to testimony given Wednesday in the so-called Irvine 11 trial in Santa Ana. UC Irvine professor Rei Terada, an expert on the history […]