Close Up Look At The Illuminati Card Game From Steve Jackson Games (1995)

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Navy plans $40 million fiber-optic link to Guantanamo base

ShareThis Navy plans $ 40 million fiber-optic link to Guantánamo base –$ 40 million project will put an underwater cable from base in southeast Cuba through Windward Passage to an undisclosed link in South Florida 04 Jul 2012 The Pentagon has decided to lay an estimated $ 40 million underwater fiber-optic cable from Guantánamo Bay […]

Microsoft wants to link all your smart devices with Xbox SmartGlass Federal Jack              

Flame Malware Code Traced to Stuxnet

ShareThis Flame Malware Code Traced to Stuxnet –Researchers find a link between the two different pieces of malware, suggesting that the U.S. government may be behind both 11 Jun 2012Did the U.S. government commission the recently discovered Flame malware? According to new research, the developers of the Stuxnet and Flame malware families crossed paths–swapping source […]

6 cups a day? Coffee lovers less likely to die, study finds

Coffee drinkers who worry about the jolt of java it takes to get them going in the morning might just as well relax and pour another cup. That’s according to the largest-ever analysis of the link between coffee consumption and mortality, which suggests that latte lovers had a lower risk of death during the study […]

Chart: ‘America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece’

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Google data merge called privacy threat

Google’s new plan to link user data across its email, video, social-networking sites has come under fire from critics who say it’s an invasion of privacy because of the sheer volume of information collected and the inability of users to opt out. Under the plan, information collected about individuals will be integrated across 60 Google […]

FederalJack Does not recognize ACTA as a legal treaty in the United States of America

Note: This is a protest article and we ask that everyone in the United States that does not recognize ACTA as a ratified treaty in the United States of America, that they repost this posting on whatever blog they like to post in. If we did it by the millions like with the web blackout […]

Beware the latest Facebook hacking and phishing attempt method (and how to protect against it and other trojans)

So I was minding my own business on Facebook, when suddenly I see this: The text said: LAST WARNING : Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users. Until we system will disable your account within 24 hours if you do not do the reconfirmation. If […]

Soros claims Angela Merkel was the creator of the European crisis

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