First line of Beowulf misunderstood for 200 years

A University of Manchester lecturer has discovered that the famous first line of English language’s oldest epic poem has been misinterpreted, ever since it was popularised almost 200 years ago. Dr George Walkden, who is a historical linguist, says because translators of the iconic Beowulf have relied on a faulty interpretation of its first word, […]

Boston Marathon Bombing: The FBI’s Suspects

“For clarity, these images should be the only ones, I emphasize the only ones, that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.” – FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers […]

San Diego County considers forcing residents to take psychiatric medication under Laura’s Law

San Diego County in California is considering implementing Laura’s Law, which would give the state’s second most populous county – home to over three million people – the uncontested right to force psychiatric medication upon its residents. Funds for the forced inpatient or outpatient psychiatric incarceration, known as “assisted outpatient treatment” are to be provided […]

Boston Bombing: Patriot’s Day

Some have described this as the biggest day of the year for Boston. Three people are dead and 130 are injured so far. The first explosion happened near the finish-line of the annual Boston Marathon, on Boylston Street. A runner is struck near the knees by fragments of the first explosive and immediately falls down […]

State Sponsored Terrorism at The National Archives

Luke Rudkowski & Mark Dice show people waiting in line to enter The National Archives in Washington, D.C. proof The Joint Chiefs of Staff conspired to commit state sponsored, false-flag terrorism in the U.S. Download the de-classified OPERATION NORTHWOODS document here: Follow Luke @ Follow Mark @ Uploads by wearechange     […]

Do these conjoined twins share consciousness?

Twins joined at the head, what’s referred to as craniopagus, are extremely rare occurrences, affecting only one in 2.5 million births. Most don’t survive. But the Hogan twins are an even rarer case yet. Their neural anatomy is something that has never been seen before by scientists: their scans reveal an attenuated line stretching between […]

Darpa, Venter Launch Assembly Line for Genetic Engineering

The military-industrial complex just got a little bit livelier. Quite literally. That’s because Darpa has kicked off a program designed to take the conventions of manufacturing and apply them to living cells. Think of it like an assembly line, but one that would churn out modified biological matter — man-made organisms — instead of cars […]

MBTA to spread bacteria on Red Line in bioterror test

ShareThis MBTA to spread bacteria on Red Line in bioterror test –Homeland Security and the T plan to release ‘dead’ bacteria at three Red Line stops during off-hours. –Dates for the tests have not been made known. 18 May 2012 The MBTA [Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority] and Homeland Security plan to release dead [Yeah, right!] […]

Military commanders warned to get troops in line

ShareThis Military commanders warned to get troops in line 03 My 2012 Military leaders are telling commanders to get their troops in line and refrain from misconduct such as urinating on enemy corpses, in a sharp response to the tasteless photos and other disturbing examples of bad behavior war crimes that have enraged Afghans and […]

Two arrests over Scotland Yard terror line hack

ShareThis Two arrests over Scotland Yard terror line hack –Earlier it had denied claims the confidential hotline had been hacked. 12 Apr 2012 Two teenage boys have been arrested in connection with an investigation into reports that hackers accessed Scotland Yard’s anti-terror hotline. The Metropolitan Police said officers arrested the 16 and 17 year olds […]