Jail for Rep. on JW’s 2008 Corrupt Pol List

A disgraced federal lawmaker who years ago appeared on Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list is finally going to jail for abusing his public office to enrich himself and his cronies. Former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi was sentenced to three years in prison this week and must report to the Federal Bureau of […]

California trying to ban hunting ammunition

Mike Lelieur California Senate District 17: Your State Senator Needs to Know that YOU OPPOSE Banning Traditional Hunting If enacted, Assembly Bill 711 would make California the first state in the nation to prohibit the use of lead ammunition for ALL hunting. Such a ban on traditional ammunition would have devastating effects on hunting and […]

Join our voluntary press regulator or we will make you (UK)

Labour will support “full-on statutory regulation” of newspapers if they do not join an approved regulator, the party’s deputy leader said yesterday. Harriet Harman indicated that Labour was prepared to pass legislation forcing newspapers to comply with an authority established by the Government. She was being questioned yesterday by the Commons Culture, Media and Sport […]

Rick Perry Grandstands Against Obamacare

By Cassandra AndersonJuly 9, 2012 Texas Governor Rick Perry announced today that he will not comply with Obamacare; he refuses to expand Medicaid and will not establish a state-run health insurance market exchange. Rick Perry is grandstanding because he has failed to protect Texans from the threat of the new IRS enforced “tax” against people […]

A female Democratic state representative in Michigan banned from debates by Republicans for using the word ‘vagina’

  (RAW STORY)   A female Democratic state representative in Michigan said Thursday that she has been silenced by her Republican colleagues after she uttered the word “vagina” while criticizing a slate of bills that would restrict female reproductive rights. Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown (D) made her comments during a Wednesday debate on proposed […]

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Legislation Permitting Employers to Interrogate Female Employees About Contraception Use

  (RAW STORY)   A month or so ago, I wrote about a bill in Arizona (HB 2625) that would permit employers to opt-out of the so-called birth control mandate and interrogate their female employees about their sexual practices, all in the name of “religious freedom”: You see, if a female employee seeks a medical prescription for contraception, […]

If You Trust Obama to Veto CISPA or Similar Legislation You’re In For a Rude Awakening

Madison Ruppert It has become incredibly frustrating to deal with people who erroneously believe that Obama and his administration will live up to a single claim, promise, or statement. Especially since neither Obama nor his pals have given us a single reason to trust them while giving us tons of reasons not to, not the […]

Alleged Leaked Slideshow Shows Drone Lobby Group Bragging About Taking Major Role in Crafting Legislation

Madison Ruppert – AUVSI played a key role in recent passage of drone legislation?              

McCain: Cybersecurity Bill Ineffective Without NSA Monitoring the Net

By Kim Zetter | Wired.com After three years of haggling to produce bipartisan cybersecurity legislation that addresses the security of the nation’s critical infrastructure systems, the Senate finally got a bill this week that seemed destined to actually pass. That is, until a hearing on Thursday to discuss the bill in which Sen. John McCain […]

More States Looking to Tax Online Sales

By Sandra Block, USA Today Attention, online shoppers. The days of tax-free online shopping may be coming to an end. Proposed legislation would force online retailers to start collecting sales taxes in a growing number of states. More than a dozen states have enacted legislation or rules to force online retailers to collect sales taxes […]