Higgs Boson hunt over: CERN scientists at Large Hadron Collider find ‘God particle’ – Or Did They?

Stereotypes of scientists as stern-faced and emotionless were tossed aside on Wednesday when physicists reacted with joy and tears to CERN’s announcement about the Higgs boson. The new find is “consistent with (the) long-sought Higgs boson,” CERN declared in a statement. He and others cautioned, though, that further work was needed to identify what exactly […]

Large wildfire burning at Brookhaven National Lab, spreading east

ShareThis Large wildfire burning at Brookhaven National Lab, spreading east 09 Apr 2012 (NY) A large wildfire is reportedly burning on the property of Brookhaven National Lab in Upton. BNL and Ridge fire departments have called in Wading River, Rocky Point, Manorville and Riverhead fire departments on mutual aid to fight the fire. There are […]

Clintonville Administrator: I Heard a Large Exploding Boom Coming from Underground

Shepard Ambellas | Clintonville residents still don’t buy the official story. Something stinks.              

DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Checkpoint Booths Amid Large Scale Ammo Buildup

The Intel Hub | The Department of Homeland Security has made news in the past few weeks with the revelations that they have purchased up to 650 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition. Now, despite ignoring requests as to why they need that much ammo, they have moved forward and purchased an unknown […]

Hundreds of Residents Phone 911 after Strange Massive Large Booms and Tremors

The Intel Hub | Massive booms and tremors were reported. The city is renting seismic equipment to find the source of the booms.              

Buffett: Banks Victimized by Evicted Homeowners

By Andrew Frye, Bloomberg.com Warren Buffett, who controls the biggest shareholding of the No. 1 U.S. mortgage lender, said banks were victimized by some homeowners who refinanced their loans before getting evicted. “Large numbers of people who have ‘lost’ their house through foreclosure have actually realized a profit because they carried out refinancings earlier that […]

Large piece of Antarctica to disappear

ShareThis Large piece of Antarctica to disappear 04 Nov 2011 A very large portion of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica is expected to split over the next weeks. The massive Antarctic iceberg is expected to be in the dimension of 300-square-miles; the size of New York City. The cracks in the ice are now […]

CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are

By Spencer Ackerman, Wired.com The expansion of the CIA’s undeclared drone war in the tribal areas of Pakistan required a big expansion of who can be marked for death. Once the standard for targeted killing was top-level leadership in al-Qaeda or one of its allies. That’s long gone, especially as the number of people targeted […]