DEPUTY STAN LENIC: Check Point Before TSA Check Point

by Greg Fernandez Jr We Are Change TV December 1, 2012 Jason Bermas twitter Ashley Jessica twitter Share your support for Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic – We Are Change SF Article Jason Bermas and Ashley Jessica participated in the “Opt-Out and Film Week” to spread the truth about body scanners and “other invasive TSA procedures. […]

New York Deputy Protects First Amendment During TSA Opt Out Campaign

Activists shocked by the above video are asking for people to leave comments on the Albany Sheriff Facebook page. A facebook fan page has been launched for Deputy Stan Lenic as well. If you would like to offer a respectful “Thank You”: Albany County Sheriff Office Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic Phone (518)487-5400 News 13 Coverage […]

Week In Review: Agenda 21, Bermas, Iran, False Flags, and More

The Intel Hub News Brief | A recap of the week in podcasts and more, including Jason Bermas’ 1st podcast for The Intel Hub. We welcome him.