A Gray Shame – David Crowley’s Last Days

“Even though you may be killed resisting, the act of resistance on a metaphysical level has value.” – David CrowleyIn a YouTube interview by Sean Wright, David Crowley commented on Danny August Mason’s impartial approach of searching for the truth, “Like Danny said, that was the best thing he did, was taking that impartial approach […]

David Crowley – Unanswered Questions

Did David Crowley murder his wife and daughter before killing himself? Apple Valley Police Captain John Bermel believes so and is working to establish a timeline of events that led up to the alleged double murder-suicide. Within a day of finding the bodies inside the Crowley home, police were telling local media outlets they were […]

My Conversation with a Friend of David Crowley

Is this video banned in your country? Here’s an audio version. Conversation with a Friend of David Crowley – MBS Talk Radio #10 by Greg Fernandez Jr. on Mixcloud (*Error: I kept calling Mr. Prochnow, “Procktow.” I apologize for that error. Additional errors will be added if discovered.) In a free country everyone is entitled […]

Jim Garrison Talks About JFK Truth

Jim Garrison/JFK Assassination “On July 15, 1967, NBC allowed New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to respond to an NBC program that was highly critical of Garrison’s pursuit of alleged Kennedy assassination conspirators in New Orleans.” January 31, 1968 It later turned out that Clay Shaw was working for the CIA in some capacity.   […]

Philip Marshall 911 – No Clear Evidence Against Him

Philip Marshall 911 – No Clear Evidence Against Him by Greg Fernandez Jr When officers arrived at the Marshall home they found Philip Marshall lying face-up with a close-range gunshot wound on the right-side of his head. Police claim the gun was “inverted (upside-down).” Marshall was found face-up near the couch, where his deceased children […]

Is Diet Soda Harmful? Addictive?

Heart Attack and Stroke: Drinking diet sodas daily may increase the risks for heart attack and stroke and other vascular events by 43 percent, but no such threat exists with regular soft drinks or with less frequent consumption of diet soda. These results come from a study including more than 2,500 adults published online in […]

Israel and US terrorism against Iranian scientists

On the 11th of January 2012, Iran woke up to the news of another terrorist attack on an Iranian scientist. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed on his way to work. His attackers followed his car on a motorcycle and, when the time was right, attached a magnetic bomb to his side of the vehicle. Seconds later […]

Payroll tax cut won’t cover Obama gas price rise

By: Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner Forget all the happy talk about how Americans, flush with their $ 1,000 payroll tax cut set to be extended by Congress, will be hitting the mall to spend, spend, spend. That cool grand won’t even cover the surge in gas prices under President Obama and will have to […]

Teacher in LA molest case paid to resign

The decision to pay $40,000 to a former third-grade teacher who has been charged with committing lewd acts on students was the most immediate way to guarantee he would not be a threat to any other student, school officials said Friday. Mark Berndt was offered the settlement — the equivalent of approximately five months of […]

Tea party candidate who nearly ousted Giffords in 2010 in race to replace her

By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press – The Republic PHOENIX — The Republican who nearly ousted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in 2010 has officially joined the race to replace her. Jesse Kelly came within 4,200 votes of defeating the Democrat during the year the tea party led the GOP to a House of Representatives takeover. He vowed […]