Gitmo Terrorists Who Learn About Peaceful Form of Islam to Be Freed

The Obama administration is negotiating to release Guantanamo terrorists to a renowned Middle Eastern Al Qaeda training ground if the prisoners undergo “counseling, instruction in a peaceful form of Islam and job training.” This is no joke, though it sounds like a bad one. Better yet, the famously corrupt and leftist United Nations is helping […]

FBI Suspect Captured: Family Denies Suspects Involvment In Boston Bombing

UPDATE: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing, hand-cuffed and detained by police? Hebert D. posted this video on YouTube, April 19, 2013. It allegedly shows the first suspect being detained by authorities. The authenticity of the video and the news station it was captured by in Brazil is still in question. The man […]

US to install new Bahraini king: Report

ShareThis US to install new Bahraini king: Report 23 Nov 2011 The US [Nosey Parker] administration is reportedly planning to replace the Bahraini ruler, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, over his failure to end months of protests in the country. According to a report published by Islam Times, Washington has urged King Hamad to […]

U.S. Army Makes Soldiers “Culturally Literate” About Islam

In this new era of political correctness, the U.S. Army has published a special handbook for soldiers that appears to justify Islamic jihad by describing it as the “communal military defense of Islam and Muslims when they are threatened or under attack.” Because radical Muslim groups consider Islam to be perpetually under moral, spiritual, economic, […]

UN passes resolution calling for criminalization of criticism of Islam

The UN passed a resolution calling for criminalization of criticism of Islam. As Obama plans to stock his administration with Muslims, it will be telling how he handles the implementation of OIC strategy to impose Islamic supremacism on the world. What will Obama do and say about this resolution, which seeks to protect Islam and […]

Terrorist Who Trained London Bombers Was Working For US Government

While talking heads like Glenn Beck continue to invoke the threat of radical Islam, they habitually ignore the blindingly obvious, that radical Islam is a creature of the US military-industrial complex. Case in point – the terrorist who trained the London bombers was a US informant and has been freed after serving only four and […]