Should Energy Deregulation Be In Every State?

Over the past couple decades, a historic shift has slowly taken place within the $220 billion electric industry, much like the airline, trucking and telecommunications industries before it. Federal and state governments have chipped away at what has been referred to as the last government-sanctioned monopoly. Today, nearly half of all states have some version […]

Top investment banker at BofA nominated for Commerce Dept job

ShareThis Mega barf alert! Top investment banker at BofA nominated for Commerce Dept job 08 Nov 2013 The White House said on Thursday that it has nominated a senior investment banking executive at Bank of America Corp to a high-level position at the Commerce Department. President Barack Obama picked Stefan Selig, executive vice chairman of […]

Oil companies win NAFTA fight over local investment

ShareThis Oil companies win NAFTA fight over local investment –ExxonMobil and Murphy Oil win NAFTA dispute over N.L. research investment demands 01 Jun 2012 A NAFTA panel has ruled against Canada in a case about local investment by oil companies in Newfoundland and Labrador. The panel ruled in favour of Mobil and Murphy Oil over […]

How Goldman Sachs Helped Mask Greece’s Debt

Nick Dunbar, author of ’The Devil’s Derivatives’, reveals how the country turned to investment bank Goldman Sachs for help getting around the deficit rules. In his report for Newsnight, some of those who did the deal, talk publicly for the first time. Source: Vampire Squid” Goldman Sachs confesses it is being investigated for helping […]

S&P 500 Rises to Highest Level Since 2008

By Rita Nazareth, U.S. stocks rose, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index above its highest close since 2008, as better-than-estimated consumer sentiment and home sales reports bolstered confidence in the world’s largest economy. American International Group Inc. added 2 percent after profit jumped 77 percent. (CRM) Inc., the largest seller of online […]

To close tax loopholes, Obama would open new ones

By Paul Wiseman and Christopher S. Rugaber, WASHINGTON—Cutting corporate tax rates and deleting loopholes is just what most economists prescribe for the tangled U.S. tax code. So why isn’t everyone cheering the plan President Barack Obama unveiled Tuesday to slash the top corporate tax rate and end breaks that let some companies pay little […]

New American Dream is renting to get rich

By Lou Carlozo, Rich Arzaga owns a luxury home in San Ramon, California, but he’s not betting on it as an investment. The founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management, who bought the 5,000 sq. ft. property in 2005 for $ 1.8 million and has spent $ 500,000 improving it, considers the abode a […]

Pentagon: Future of Homemade Bombs Is High-Tech

By Spencer Ackerman, Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs. A couple of command wires, some fertilizer chemicals and wooden pressure plates in Afghanistan; in Iraq, leftover mines or plastic explosives often detonated remotely by cellphone. But the Pentagon’s bomb squad sees “ever more sophisticated” bombs on the way. The […]

At 102%, His Tax Rate Takes the Cake

By James B. Stewart, The New York Times Meet Mr. 102%. James Ross, 58, is a founder and managing member of Rossrock, a Manhattan-based private investment firm that focuses on commercial real estate and distressed commercial mortgages. “I realize I am very fortunate, and in fact I am a member of the 1 percent,” Mr. […]

Your Next Investment, Pocket Change

Over the course of the last few years I have told people that they needed to start buying silver, and recently I moved to telling them to start purchasing copper as well. I have posted about it on this blog and mentioned in several times in my various newsletters. Today however I want to share […]