Jail for Rep. on JW’s 2008 Corrupt Pol List

A disgraced federal lawmaker who years ago appeared on Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list is finally going to jail for abusing his public office to enrich himself and his cronies. Former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi was sentenced to three years in prison this week and must report to the Federal Bureau of […]

Nude body scanners arrive in Australia

PASSENGERS at airports across Australia will be forced to undergo full-body scans or be banned from flying under new laws to be introduced into Federal Parliament this week. In a radical $28 million security overhaul, the scanners will be installed at all international airports from July and follows trials at Sydney and Melbourne in August […]

Today is the day. REPEAL the NDAA! Call any time all day long

WeAreChange encourages everyone to saddle-up and ride hard on this national effort to express outrage over the NDAA-2012. FORWARD FAR AND WIDE AND FAST ALL GROUPS – ALL LISTS – EVERYONE SUPPORT THE RON PAUL AMENDMENT H.R.3785 http://theopenglobe.org/wiki/Ron_Paul_introduces_bill_to_repeal_NDAA_indefinite_detention_clause MELT THE PHONE LINES TODAY TO REPEAL THE NDAA Don’t forget to call your “representatives” today!!! GO […]

New Amendments Introduced To Halt Indefinite Detention of Americans

Obama administration reaffirms support for state sponsored assassination of U.S. citizens Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com Thursday, December 1, 2011 Two new amendments that would attempt to halt the indefinite detention of American citizens on U.S. soil under a section of the National Defense Authorization Act have been introduced and could be voted on by the […]

‘Rogue websites’ bill introduced in US House

(ACTIVIST POST)   US lawmakers introduced a bill on Wednesday that would give US authorities more tools to crack down on websites accused of piracy of movies, television shows and music and the sale of counterfeit goods. The Stop Online Piracy Act has received bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and is the House […]