How Much Should Privacy Be Violated for National Security?


Edward Snowden outraged Americans when he revealed details about the United States government’s mass surveillance programs. He sent information on PRISM, a surveillance program that mined data from electric sources. Snowden sent leaked information to The Guardian and other media in May 2013 to reveal the extent of the data the United States government had […]

La BBC: ¿Están las teorías de conspiración destruyendo la democracia?

Nota del traductor: Lo más relevante de este artículo son los más de 1,500 comentarios de los lectores (el 90+% contradictorios a la línea del editorial).  He aquí, lo único que consigue la BBC es hacer el ridículo (como hicieron Frattini y Nart el domingo pasado en Cuarto Milenio). Ojalá tuviera tiempo para traducir todos […]

7 Household Items That Could Be Spying On You


When you think about protecting your technology, you likely think about your personal computer and maybe your smartphone. What you might not think about, however, is your washing machine, digital camera, TV and the other electronic devices scattered around your home that may be “spying” on you. Reuters reported that three percent of all homes […]

Gmail accounts targeted by ‘state-sponsored attackers’ using Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability

    (NAKED SECURITY)   Both Google and Microsoft have put out alerts about an un-patched, zero-day hole in Internet Explorer that didn’t get fixed on Patch Tuesdayand is actively being exploited in the wild.   According to ZDNet, those attacks are apparently being launched by the “state-sponsored attackers” that Google warned Gmail users about last week.   Neither […]

Will a Congressional Internet Bill of Rights pave a way for Internet Control

Will a Congressional Internet Bill of Rights pave a way for Internet Control

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News According to RussiaToday it is discovered that with CISPA, a major threat to the Internet similar to SOPA/PIPA, “Democratic Senator Ron Wyden has bridged the political gap with Republican Representative Darrell Issa to come up with an Internet Bill of Rights” it states on the RT YouTube […]

Take A Look At The New Internet

A few hours ago, a whole new Internet was switched on. The old Internet is almost out of room. The new Internet is vastly bigger. It’s ready for trillions and trillions more computers, devices, Web sites and the like. Confused? Here’s how it works: In order to be on the Internet, a device or Web […]

El 15M se querellará contra Rato tras recaudar 20.000 euros en Internet en 24 horas

Rodrigo Rato, expresidente de Bankia (Efe) El 15M ha conseguido recaudar en apenas 24 horas casi 20.000 euros en el marco de su campaña ‘15MpaRato‘, destinada a reunir la cantidad de dinero suficiente para interponer una querella contra el expresidente de Bankia Rodrigo Rato, querella que tienen previsto presentar el próximo 14 de junio, tal […]

CISPA draft allows Internet companies to share customer data and communications with NSA

ShareThis CISPA draft allows Internet companies to share customer data and communications with NSA 16 Apr 2012 New revisions to a proposed federal cybersecurity law still would permit Internet companies to hand over confidential customer records and communications to the National Security Agency. A recent torrent of criticism prompted the politicians behind the Cyber Intelligence […]

MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd Wants to Resurrect SOPA, Confirms Secret Negotiations

The Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert April 8, 2012 Many people thought that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was going to be dead for good after it was protested by millions of Internet users and some of the web’s largest entities like Google, Wikipedia, reddit and more. Unfortunately, Chris Dodd, the Chairman and CEO […]

Britain planning new Internet snooping laws

ShareThis Britain planning new Internet snooping laws 01 Apr 2012 The British government wants to expand its powers to monitor email exchanges and website visits, The Sunday Times newspaper reported. Internet companies would be instructed to install hardware to allow the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) — Britain’s electronic “listening” agency” — to go through “on […]