Former News Reporter filing New Evidence with the Court, prepping for Habeas Corpus

Originally by Sheila Sourced from Planet Infowars Originally posted around April 26, 2015 Note: Brian was a member of We Are Change NC and was fighting against both the NDAA and a corrupt State Senator before being framed with child porn. Note: If you wish to see the documents from Internet Archive then check them […]

Pregnant woman files complaint after TSA confiscates insulin

By David Edwards, Raw Story A pregnant woman in Denver said she had traveled the world with her insulin without any problems, but that all changed when Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) screeners at Denver International Airport confiscated her medication Thursday. “Well, you’re a risk,” she said the agent told her. “This is a risk… […]

Purchase A Giant Pepsi To Raise Money For Diabetes Research

by Jess Zimmerman I honestly didn’t believe this one was for real at first. No way even KFC, purveyors of a sandwich that uses fried meat as a delivery mechanism for fried meat, would seriously market a soda size called the “mega jug.” And even if they did, they’d never have the chutzpah to donate […]