U.S. Bullies Man over “Department of Homeland Stupidity” Mugs

The feds have threatened to criminally prosecute a novelty store owner who sells products—such as “Department of Homeland Stupidity” coffee mugs—making fun of the U.S. government. Could this be a matter of national security, or that Uncle Sam simply lacks a sense of humor? To poke fun at the National Security Administration (NSA) the merchant, […]

CIA and FBI establish threat center in London; Secret Service to enforce Trespass Act in Britain?

ShareThis CIA and FBI establish threat center in London; Secret Service to enforce Trespass Act in Britain? 26 Jul 2012 The US is sending its top spies from the CIA, FBI and other agencies to aid UK authorities during the Olympic games. British security officials have joined forces with America’s top federal intelligence agencies to […]

Can (Should) Social Media Be Used to Identify Psychopaths?

People’s nasty traits have a way of revealing themselves on social networks: in writing. Or rather in how they write. That means an analysis of how someone tweets could reveal whether he or she is narcissistic, Machiavellian, or psychopathic, according to researchers. “The FBI could use this to flag potential wrongdoers, but I think it’s […]

Websites Will Be Forced to Identify Trolls

ShareThis Websites Will Be Forced to Identify Trolls 12 Jun 2012 (UK) Websites will be legally obliged to provide victims with the identity of people who post abusive and defamatory online messages about them under plans by the Government. Major ‘reforms’ of the libel laws will also see internet service providers (ISPs) given greater protection […]

Dover mortuary official: Military higher-ups to blame for 9/11 remains at landfill

A former Air Force mortuary official says the decision that resulted in some cremated remains from 9/11 victims being dumped in a landfill came from higher-ups in the military. William D. Zwicharowski, a civilian who was interim director of the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware in 2002, told The Washington Post that […]

Mystery Illness Kills Three in Maryland Family

We have to wonder if it may be a mutant strain of flu virus.’ 06 Mar 2012 Three members of a Maryland family died after contracting severe respiratory illnesses and a third family member is hospitalized in critical condition, the Calvert County Health Department announced Tuesday. Officials are trying to identify the illness that killed […]

Saint’s ancient heart stolen from Dublin cathedral

Somewhere in Ireland, a burglar has the heart of a saint. Officials at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin said Sunday they’re distraught and perplexed over the theft of the church’s most precious relic: the preserved heart of St. Laurence O’Toole, patron saint of Dublin. O’Toole’s heart had been displayed in the cathedral since the 13th […]

US Marines identify Afghanistan ‘urination’ troops

ShareThis US Marines identify Afghanistan ‘urination’ troops 13 Jan 2012 At least two of four US Marines shown in a video appearing to urinate on Taliban corpses have been identified, a Marine Corps official has told the BBC. The video, which was posted online, purports to show the Marines standing over the bodies of several […]