248 human fetuses found in Russian forest

Sverdlovsk region authorities are conducting an inquiry into the discovery of four barrels containing 248 human fetuses in a forest in the Urals. Regional police said Tuesday that the “discovery worthy of a horror movie” was made by residents of the village of Anik late Sunday. The police reported Monday that about 50 human embryos […]

New Human Haplogroup Announcements Question the ’Out of Africa’ Hypothesis

This is a really interesting story, and if true, will force at least some reconsideration of the “out-of-Africa” hypothesis currently the standard model in genetic reconstructions of human history. The evidence, according to scientists, is rather strong that the Out of Africa hypothesis, at least in its standard version, is on rather wobbly ground. Red […]

Iran approves law to reveal cases of US, UK human rights violation

ShareThis Iran approves law to reveal cases of US, UK human rights violation 09 Jun 2012 Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has notified relevant Iranian authorities of a law that tasks them with bringing to light cases of human rights violation by the United States and Britain. The legislation, which was earlier passed by the Majlis […]

The Ancient Sexual Revolution that May Have Spurred Human Monogamy

Monogamous, romantic love — or, more prosaically, pair-bonding — may have evolved in a sexual revolution that could have laid down the roots of the modern family, according to an intriguing new mathematical model. Researchers have long wondered why — unlike our sexually promiscuous chimpanzee-like ancestors — humans developed strong pair bonds with individual partners. […]

Reading baboons leave scientists spellbound, may shed light on human learning

Baboons can recognize scores of written words, a feat that raises intriguing questions about how we learn to read, scientists reported on Thursday. In a specially-made facility in France where they could come and go at will, monkeys learned to differentiate between a real word, such as KITE, and a nonsense word such as ZEVS. […]

The Red Deer People – Human fossils hint at new species

The remains of what may be a previously unknown human species have been identified in southern China. The bones, which represent at least five individuals, have been dated to between 11,500 and 14,500 years ago. But scientists are calling them simply the Red Deer Cave people, after one of the sites where they were unearthed. […]

New Tech: Device transmits data via the human body

Swedish communications giant Ericsson has developed a device which transmits data via the human body. Click’s editor Richard Taylor demonstrates how capacitive coupling works and what it could be useful for. Red Ice Creations News Feed              

These Are the Earliest Human Paintings Ever

According to new dating tests, these are the first paintings ever made by humans. They are seals painted more than 42,000 years ago, located in the Cave of Nerja, in Málaga, Spain. And they may change our ideas about humanity’s evolution. Red Ice Creations News Feed              

The Fed Agency That Paid Out the Most in Stimulus Funds Is…

Should it come as a surprise that the Department of Heath and Human Services (HHS) paid out $115,911,817,301 in stimulus funds, according to a recent report by Recovery.org? The HHS’s biggest expenditure was $85,958,496,780 in state grants for Medicaid, reports the Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering. Other expenditures included multiple grants for income security, social services, […]

Human remains found on UK queen’s estate

Human remains have been discovered on Sandringham estate, a vast area in rural Norfolk where the royal family retreats for the holiday season, local police announced Monday. ..A terse statement posted to the website of the Norfolk Constabulary said that a member of the public found the remains on New Year’s Day in an area […]