Bohemian Grove Member: Bohemian Grove 2013

“Billy Bob”, the self-proclaimed “Town Drunk” form Houston, Texas. This man told us he was a Bohemian Grove member and a few other interesting things. He claims he’s never heard of the Free Masons. I wouldn’t believe a word he said. Doug Millar is able to inform this man about some of the satanic things […]

Memorial Hermann refuses to hire tobacco users, charges smokers $600 per year

Memorial Hermann is a corporate system of hospitals primarily located in the Houston, Texas area but has branched out to other parts of Texas several years ago. Harris County even wanted to purchase one of their 9 hospitals, Memorial Hermann SW. They had several employee reduction initiatives when they suddenly began acquiring other hospitals throughout […]

Houston Food Not Bombs Under Immediate Threat

ShareThis Houston Food Not Bombs Under Immediate Threat (Food Not Bombs) 04 Mar 2012 Houston Food Not Bombs has been sharing healthy vegetarian food with hundreds of hungry people… Well funded Houston homeless service organizations, developers, and city officials are promoting new regulations for dozens of groups like ours that provide food for the homeless […]

Whitney Houston Death: Unanswered Questions, Weird Grammy Parties/Rituals and the Illuminati

Clyde Lewis – The show was to go on as planned and while Whitney’s lifeless body remained in a hotel room on the 4th floor of the Hotel the party and festivities went as planned. Three hours after Whitney died Limos pulled up to the hotel.