Truth Music: XienHow

“Cameras on all corners” – XienHow “They say it’s the land of the free, but don’t want us.” – XienHow Music is a big part of our lives. Through music, the Illuminati has declared war on Truth Music of all sorts and genres. As a response, we at Mind Body Soul Productions are dedicated to […]

El montaje AMIA-Irán

Por Gareth Porter (corresponsal para reproduce esta nota periodística publicada en 2008 que revela cómo la administración Bush, junto a diplomáticos israelíes y argentinos, ejercieron presión para responsabilizar a Irán por el atentado a la mutual judía. Un caso plagado de pruebas contradictorias que podrían desmentir la hipótesis principal que guió las investigaciones. A pesar […]

LA GOP Ousted Rules Committee Chairman calls Security to Remove Opponents

This is what happened just before the Ron Paul Supporter was assaulted by Shreveport Police at LA GOP State Convention, and suffered a broken hip: The adoption of the Rules Committe Report was put to a vote. Rules Committee report was NOT adopted. The Rules Committee Chairman then tried to push through a motion to […]