No Joke; Obama Issues 2nd Open Govt. National Action Plan

It may seem like a cheap prank but the Obama administration, which has proven to be among the most secretive, has actually issued its second “Open Government National Action Plan” that promises to build on (delusional) “past successes.” Even the president’s many friends and supporters in the mainstream media have conceded that government secrecy has […]

UK govt. fuel panic a ‘political game’

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has accused the coalition government of deliberately inciting fuel panic-buying to distract attentions from the current anti-Tory headlines over the cash-for-access scandal. Labour chancellor stressed that some of the British people have paid a “very, very high price” following the government’s false advice, calling on people to store fuel in their […]

Report: Gov’t ‘collapsed’ during Japan nuclear crisis

ShareThis Report: Gov’t ‘collapsed’ during Japan nuclear crisis 27 Feb 2012 Today, a report revealed the chaos between Japan’s leaders during the Fukushima nuclear crisis. “The normal lines of authority completely collapsed,” Tetsuro Fukuyama, the prime minister’s adviser, told investigators. With little information from the plant, Fukuyama said that the government thought that a nuclear […]

Anonymous: Power grid concerns are US Govt spin

ShareThis Anonymous: Power grid concerns are US Govt spin 22 Feb 2012 Anonymous has branded comments by a director of the US National Security Agency that the hacktivist group is a year or two away from having the capability to launch attacks that disrupt the power grid as “baseless” and “ridiculous”. Unnamed federal officials, citing […]

$100,000 electric cars recalled over fire risk after company received govt. loan

Even expensive electric cars get recalled sometimes. Fisker Automotive is recalling its 2012 Karma because of a potential coolant leak. The plug-in hybrid cars cost about $100,000. Fisker has sold about 50 of them and says 1,200 more are in production or waiting to be sold. Improperly installed hose clamps in the car’s battery pack […]

Gov’t request for nuclear storage facility site sends shockwaves through Fukushima

ShareThis Gov’t request for nuclear storage facility site sends shockwaves through Fukushima 29 Dec 2011 The government’s request that an interim facility to store soil and other waste contaminated with radiation be built somewhere in Futaba county near the crippled nuclear power plant sent ripples of concern through local governments and residents in Fukushima Prefecture. […]

Jesse Jackson: SC “sinking the ship in order to protect states rights”

From Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina: Jesse Jackson said that we are playing to an imaginary South Carolina and “sinking the ship in order to protect states rights”. Our response: “The only thing imaginary about South Carolina is Rev. Jackson’s belief that our citizens will have better health care, better schools, and better job […]

“Progressives” Want to Make a Deal to Support Ron Paul? Jack Blood Responds November 9, 2011 My notes and answers in Italics… Jack The Choice for Libertarians Progressives for Ron Paul Blog The libertarians I know personally and the ones I’ve gotten to know through this blog and other websites are mostly friendly folks. That goes a long way in holding a sincere and respectful conversation about […]

U.S. govt doctors sprayed pandemic flu virus in the noses of Maryland prisoners

—Pictures that show how U.S. experimented on its own disabled citizens and prison inmates 28 Feb 2011 Pictures have emerged providing the shocking proof that U.S. government doctors once experimented on disabled American citizens and prison inmates. Such experiments included giving hepatitis to mental patients in Connecticut, squirting a pandemic flu virus up the noses […]