In Sweden, a debate over whether gender equality has gone too far

As gender-neutral policies are promoted more broadly in Sweden’s schools – including the use of a neutral pronoun to refer to boys and girls – some Swedes are pushing back. Sweden has a longstanding reputation as an egalitarian country with a narrow gender gap. But a national debate about gender equality – particularly as it […]

OVER 50 Reported Tornadoes – Entire Towns Gone

The Intel Hub March 2, 2012 An apparent large scale outbreak of tornadoes across the United States has already claimed at least 5 lives and reports have come in that entire towns may be gone. A video report from Dutchsince goes over these startling developments: From Video Description: ALL POINTS ALERT to east coast USA […]

Cops Gone Wild

(Stephanie Kienzle)   Oh, those wild and crazy Miami Cops!  If you thought the juvenile antics of the North Miami Beach cops during the recent budget season was bad, that was child’s play compared to the battle going on between the Florida Highway Patrol and the cops from the City of Miami.  The latest “prank” in […]