Close Up Look At The Illuminati Card Game From Steve Jackson Games (1995)

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Judge caught playing solitaire in Norway court during mass killer Breivik’s trial

A judge at the trial of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was caught playing solitaire on his laptop during Monday’s proceedings, the VG newspaper reported. Ernst Henning Eielsen, one of the five judges for the case, can clearly be seen on court cameras playing the card game. According to VG, Eielsen was playing the […]

Game Over for the Climate

ShareThis Game Over for the Climate By James Hansen 10 May 2012 Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening. That is why I was so troubled to read a recent interview with President Obama in Rolling Stone in which he said that Canada would exploit the oil in its vast tar sands reserves “regardless […]

Anonymous targets Activision CEO after being labeled “terrorists” in new Call of Duty video game

   (Michael Stone)   Anonymous targets Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg after new Activision game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 portrays Anonymous as the enemy. A recently released trailer for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game portrays Anonymous hacktivists as cyber terrorists and an enemy of the people. The trailer, released Tuesday, May 1, is creating […]

UK govt. fuel panic a ‘political game’

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has accused the coalition government of deliberately inciting fuel panic-buying to distract attentions from the current anti-Tory headlines over the cash-for-access scandal. Labour chancellor stressed that some of the British people have paid a “very, very high price” following the government’s false advice, calling on people to store fuel in their […]

Occupy Rolls Out Its Most Subversive Tech: A Mobile Arcade Game for the 99%

By Matt Simon, It’s not often that something new for cultural alarmists to fret over just rolls up, all flashing and beeping. But here it comes: the homebrew Occupy arcade game on wheels. If conservatives are worried about videogames encouraging violence, imagine how they’ll react to an itinerant amusement designed to topple the 1%. […]

To close tax loopholes, Obama would open new ones

President Barack Obama wants to close dozens of loopholes that let some companies pay little or nothing in taxes. But he also wants to open new ones for manufacturers and companies that invest in clean energy. To some analysts, the new loopholes risk upending the level playing field Obama says he wants to create. Some […]

UFO At NFL Game? TV Camera Captures Strange Object In Flight During Broadcast

Huffington Post November 1, 2011 For many football fans who watched the New Orleans Saints rout the Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 23, the most unusual thing about the game was the lopsided final score of 62-7. But for UFO aficionados and paranormal experts who tuned in, they may have seen something in the sky that […]

GOP rivals focus on flat taxes, smaller government

By TOM RAUM, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — On jobs and taxes, the top Republican presidential rivals are locked in a fierce game of one-upmanship. They’re all trying to outdo each other in offering the boldest economic plan for the campaign to unseat President Barack Obama next November. Despite some notable differences in the blueprints, […]

Blackwater founder Erik Prince enters video game business

Real-Life Mercenaries to Star in Blackwater, the Videogame. Blackwater Worldwide, the real-life mercenary team linked to the killing of civilians and noncombatants in Iraq during U.S. operations there, will be the subject of a Kinect-supported videogame coming to the Xbox 360 later this year. Published by 505 Games and titled, simply, Blackwater, the game is […]