Jim Greer denounces Florida Republican Party officials as liars, ‘right-wing crazies’ in deposition

ShareThis Jim Greer denounces Florida Republican Party officials as liars, ‘right-wing crazies’ in deposition –Greer: GOP leaders met to discuss ways they could suppress black votes 26 Jul 2012 In a wide-ranging deposition that spanned two days in late May, former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer denounced some party officials as liars and “whack-a-do, […]

Another Florida Woman Arrested For Getting Naked and Touching Herself In Front of Traffic

(MIAMI NEW TIMES)   Forget this so called “zombie apocalypse” — Florida is currently in the throes of a full blown, naked ladies on roadsides apocalypse. For the second time in just over a week, a woman has been arrested for getting naked and causing a traffic hazard. And the threat is getting closer. The latest incident happened […]

Florida hospital ignores pregnant woman’s pleas, and tragedy ensues

(MIAMI HERALD)   A baby was born with severe brain damage after caregivers at the state’s largest mental hospital dismissed a woman’s cries for help.  Held against her will at Florida’s largest state mental hospital, and fearing that she was about to give birth, a 34-year-old woman became so frantic in her efforts to get medical […]

Police: Miami cannibal was overdosing on new, super-potent LSD

  (RAW STORY)   Disturbing new details have emerged about an incident in Miami, Florida in which police shot and killed a man who was tearing off and eating another man’s face. According to Miami’s WSVN, the victim, who is believed to be homeless, lost 75 percent of his face in the attack and is in […]

Hunt for non-citizen Florida voters exposes partisan divide

ShareThis Hunt for non-citizen Florida voters exposes partisan divide 23 May 2012 Hispanic, Democratic and independent-minded voters are the most likely to be targeted in a state hunt to remove thousands of noncitizens from Florida’s voting rolls, a Miami Herald computer analysis of elections records has found. Whites and Republicans are disproportionately the least-likely to […]

Ron Paul ready for caucus states

By JAMES HOHMANN, Politico.com LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Ron Paul has known for more than a week that he would finish fourth in Florida. So instead, he skipped the Sunshine State and campaigned in states like Maine, Colorado and Nevada. “We’ve been having a fantastic trip,” Paul said to cheering fans in Henderson Tuesday night, […]

Romney Wins Florida Republican Presidential Primary, AP Projects

ShareThis Breaking: Romney Wins Florida Republican Presidential Primary, AP Projects –Victory gives Romney all 50 of Florida’s convention delegates 31 Jan 2012 Mitt Romney won today’s Florida Republican presidential primary, the Associated Press projected as polls closed, re-establishing him as the frontrunner for his party’s nomination after his Jan. 21 loss in South Carolina to […]

REAL GUN CONTROL: Florida Senior Citizen Shoots, Kills Suspected Burglar

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS64NYQyPdU Federal Jack              

Florida SWAT shoots homeless man in the face

(RT)   Dennis Gaydos, a homeless man from Palm Springs, was making his home outside of a church in the sunny Florida community without incident until a police intervention changed his life. Gaydos says he was keeping to himself in his temporary home on the church grounds when the Palm Springs Police department SWAT team, dressed […]

Florida Man Arrested for Recording Police in Public

PRISON PLANET   A man from Pompano Beach, Florida, was arrested and charged with illegal interception of communication on Tuesday when he recorded a conversation with Palm Beach County deputies. Carl Paul had questioned the traffic stop and asked police for their names. He was arrested after police noticed he was recording the conversation with his […]