Philip Marshall Questions: My Trip To Murphys

60 Minute Audio Interview by Philip Marshall (MahealaniPrincess) “The official version about some ghost (Osama bin Laden) in some cave on the other side of the world defeating our entire military establishment on U.S. soil is absolutely preposterous…The true reason the attack was successful is because of an inside military stand-down and a coordinated training […]

UN Climate Kingpins: Don’t Inform The Masses, Intoxicate Them With Fiction

At a UNESCO conference in September of 2009 on how to best sell the global warming hoax to selected target audiences, spokesman and media-manager of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change Eric Hall called for the creation of “an imagination, and a vision” through works of fiction . “It is very important that the […]

Thousands of Works of Fiction Destroyed and No One Pays Attention

  (Hannah Ellison)   While most of the world carries on unaware, the last couple week has seen trauma, in-fighting and mass exodus in the world of fanfiction authors and readers. The catalyst for the current outrage being voiced by this community of creators and consumers? enforcing a ratings policy that has been in place since […]

Words from brain waves may let scientists read your mind

Scientists have found a way to decipher actual words from a person’s brain waves, a feat that sounds very much like mind-reading, a new study shows. The research may sound like scary science fiction — once a person’s brain waves can be read, will any thought be private? — but the positive implications are enormous […]

Fact following fiction? Scientists plan mission to blow up an asteroid ‘hurtling towards Earth’

By TED THORNHILL, It seemed far-fetched on the silver screen. But the European Space Agency is planning to launch a mission similar to the plot of Hollywood movie Armageddon, in which Bruce Willis and his intrepid team attempt to blow up a huge asteroid that’s hurtling towards Earth. The real version, if it goes […]