AT THE FED SF 2013 At The Fed SF 2013: 100 Years Later For more info visit our Facebook group: End The Fed SF END THE FED 2013 (promo video) Manny Trev Manny Trev gives us a tour of the Federal Reserve building in San Francisco. May 18, 2013. Dan The Man Dan The Man […]


On Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, the suspect Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis drove a van carrying a 1,000 pounds of explosives to the New York Federal Reserve building on Liberty Street. Justice Department attorney Loretta Lynch is quoted as saying Nafis “thought he was striking a blow to the American economy. He thought he […]

Herman Cain: Blame Congress, Not The Federal Reserve

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange asks Herman Cain about The Bilderberg meeting and The Federal Reserve System. Follow Luke @ Become a WeAreChange Sponsor! Uploads by wearechange              

Occupy facts: Federal Reserve CAUSES unpayable debt, unemployment, inflation

Occupy Wall Street (and nationwide) has three objectives: 1.Public recognition of the 1%’s crimes, centering on war and money. 2.End war and money crimes that annually kill millions, injure billions, and loot trillions of our dollars. 3.Build a brighter future for 100% of humanity, centering on full constructive employment and the creation of money that […]

Occupy Check Point? How Occupy Can help Ron Paul Though mostly a quiet an peaceful protest, there was what Oakland Tribune news journalist Sean Maher wrote was “almost like a rebel checkpoint” near the Port of Oakland, California. Around 7:40 pm protesters were deciding who would be allowed through this checkpoint at the intersection of Seventh Street and Maritime. Maher notes that “every […]

Audit of the Federal Reserve finds massive bailouts

by Tom Knighton | United Liberty Congress pushed for an audit of the Federal Reserve.  They wanted to know what was going on behind closed doors.  The Fed wasn’t crazy about that, but the lost on that one.  The result?  Well, how about over $16 trillion in bailouts that the American public didn’t know a […]

Libertarian Wall Street Protesters Demand End to the Fed

Washington’s Blog October 6, 2011 Libertarians Support Wall Street Protest to End the Fed Ron Paul says that the Wall Street protests are legitimate, and that they are really protesting against the Federal Reserve. One of the protest organizers tells me that a large proportion of the protesters are Ron Paul supporters. Most of them […]

Second Wave of Protests Unleashed: Targets the Federal Reserve

Washington’s Blog October 4, 2011 Wall Street Protesters Target the Federal Reserve The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters have targeted the Federal Reserve as one of their central platforms. The “Occupy San Francisco” branch of the protests is taking place – not in the Financial District, where the big banks are located – but in front […]