Scientists Plan to Create New Bird Flu Strain in Lab

Scientists who sparked an outcry when they created easier-to-spread versions of the bird flu want to try such experiments again, this time using a worrisome new strain known as H7N9. Since it broke out in March in China, the bird flu strain has infected more than 130 people and killed 43. Such research is allowed […]

Pentagon Wants Extra $49 Million For Gitmo Makeover

ORIGINAL VIDEO LINK Federal Jack              

Philip Marshall’s Coroner Speaks

by Greg Fernandez Jr Phone interview with coroner Kevin Raggio by Chris Gordon (Investigative Researcher & We Are Change San Francisco member) “The last facial expression is essential in determining the state of condition that the person was in when they died.” – Chris Gordon Investigative researcher Chris Gordon from We Are Change San Francisco […]

La banca aprovecha la crisis para hacerse con el control de medios

El ‘Cuarto Poder’ ya no debe lidiar más con la presión del sector financiero: ya es directamente el sector financiero” Las conquistas del sector financiero: el Gobierno, la Monarquía, los partidos políticos y…la prensa. El extra de Julio/Agosto de la revista ‘Mongolia’ aparece con un detallado informe que incide en lo presentes que están las […]

Leap Year: What is it For?

Why do some years have an extra leap day and what is it for? Video from: Red Ice Creations News Feed