Romney Exposed – Full Documentary

By the same film-maker as JFK II              

TSA Checkpoints Exposed: Journalist Tracked, Targeted & Harassed for Filming

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange breaks down WRC Correspondent Julio Rausseo’s experience at the Chicago Union Station, 1 week after releasing a video exposing TSA checkpoints being setup there. Follow Julio @ and on Youtube @ Follow Luke @ Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us […]

Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists; company faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit

(NaturalNews) Breaking news: According to two Merck scientists who filed a False Claims Act complaint in 2010 — a complaint which has just now been unsealed — vaccine manufacturer Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test data, spiked blood samples with animal antibodies, sold a vaccine that actually promoted mumps and measles outbreaks, and ripped off governments […]

Shepard Ambellas on Truth Exposed Radio 6:30pm CST | Shepard Ambellas will Appear on Truth Exposed Radio this evening. The Show starts at 6pm CST.              

Exposed: The Epidemic of Sexual Trauma and Rape in the Military

The Intel Hub News Brief | Popeye discusses the widespread allegations of rape throughout the military and plays a clip of a young Marine describing her experience. This is a must hear transmission.              

Three Little Pigs As Exposed by News and Social Media

“This advert for the Guardian’s open journalism, screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, imagines how we might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion.” (Link) Video from: […]

NRC Fukushima Coverup Exposed – New Nuclear Power Plant Approved in US

The Intel Hub | Joe Joseph and Tim Watts cover the NRC cover up of the dangers of Fukushima and the fact that a new nuclear power plant has just been approved for in the US for the first time in 1978. Read full article              

Snitch and Globalist Traitor Carl Bildt (Long Time Bilderberger) to have his Subversive Anti-Swedish Politics Exposed by WikiLeaks?

While WikiLeaks is milking the moment of publishing damaging information about the Swedish FM, the latter teases the whistleblower to do so to expose the emptiness of the accusations. “Sweden’s political kindergarten continues,” tweets WikiLeaks. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has rejected allegations of being a long-running American influence agent, saying it is a part of […]

Rick Santorum Exposed: Knights of Malta Member, Warmonger, and Long History of Corruption

Federal Jack – Rick Santorum is an establishment, warmongering insider who would immediately attack Iran.              

Bob Blaskiewicz, Faux Skeptic Exposed!

(WAC ATLANTA)   I recently posted this as a response (block quoted below) to Bob Blaskiwiecz aka Satan’s little helper at Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. He has refused to post this response and this is not the first time he has deliberately censored anyone who makes too much sense on his blog.  Bob is a […]