David Crowley – Silence

Enjoy the silence.              

Enjoy the Oscars: Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood Just Tip of Iceberg, Experts Say

If a spate of recent allegations proves true, Hollywood may have a hideous epidemic on its hands. The past two weeks have brought three separate reports of alleged child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. Martin Weiss, a 47-year-old Hollywood manager who represented child actors, was charged in Los Angeles on Dec. 1 with sexually […]

Parody: White House shuts down Jesse Ventura using the Emergency Alert System

Author: Brian D. Hill Enjoy this parody/spoof as I make fun of the National Censorship System I mean the Emergency Alert System. Click here to view the embedded video. Emergency Alert System EAS shuts down Jesse Ventura Free Speech. This is only a parody and meant to be funny. This parody also sets a good […]

Media Avoids CFR, Bilderberg, Federal Reserve at the IA Straw Poll

Long version of the IA Straw Poll Main Stream Media Confrontations. Includes: Bret Baier, Michael Barone, Frank Luntz, Carl Cameron, David Gregory, Matt Dowd, Steve Brown, Howard Fineman,and many more. Interviews with Rick Santorum, Herman Cain. MNChange hit the Straw poll Running. Robert, Alex, Adam, Steve, Clint, Amy and I put some miles on our […]