Mandatory flu shots worry UNM Hospital employees

ShareThis Mandatory flu shots worry UNM Hospital employees 08 Nov 2013 University of New Mexico Hospital employees…object to being told the flu vaccination is now mandatory, and they want clarification about who pays if an employee has an adverse reaction. That was the message delivered Thursday from the workers’ union, District 1199 NM of the […]

“I hope you get AIDS.” Reporter catches people and even city employees using the handicap parking spot

(RN)   Every day in Philadelphia about 80 people are ticketed for illegally parking in a handicap parking spot or blocking access to a handicap ramp. That’s a huge burden for the disabled. But the CBS 3 I-Team wanted to know how many people are never caught doing it, and what we found blew us away. […]

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Legislation Permitting Employers to Interrogate Female Employees About Contraception Use

  (RAW STORY)   A month or so ago, I wrote about a bill in Arizona (HB 2625) that would permit employers to opt-out of the so-called birth control mandate and interrogate their female employees about their sexual practices, all in the name of “religious freedom”: You see, if a female employee seeks a medical prescription for contraception, […]

North Miami Beach Police Employees Fired Over Santeria Curse On City Manager

(MIAMI NEW TIMES)   North Miami Beach has fired two police department employees after they allegedly were caught in the office trying to cast a Santeria curse on the city manager shortly before mass layoffs were planned. Veteran officer Elizabeth Torres and office manager Yvonne Rodriguez were canned last week over the ceremony, says Mark Perkins, […]

U.S. Air Force employees disciplined for losing body parts from war dead

ShareThis U.S. Air Force employees disciplined for losing body parts from war dead 08 Nov 2011 The Air Force mortuary that receives America’s war dead and prepares them for burial lost portions of human remains twice in 2009, prompting the Air Force to discipline three officials for “gross mismanagement,” officials said Tuesday. A year-long Air […]

Wall Street Employees Expect Smaller Bonuses

By Michael J. Moore, More Wall Street finance professionals expect bonuses to fall than rise over the next three years, according to an survey. About 80 percent of the 1,098 people who responded to the e-mailed query in the U.S. said they don’t expect bigger bonuses for the industry over the next three […]

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography