New York City Police Officers File Suit Claiming Intimidation to Cover Up Corruption

(The Ottinger Firm)   Four current and former New York City police officers have separately filed suit in federal court claiming intimidation by other officers to cover up corruption in the police force, as reported by the New York Times. For decades, the New York Police Department has required that any officers who observe suspicious or illegal activity […]

Reality Check: Mass. Corruption as GOP Strip Delegates of Their Credentials Federal Jack              

NYPD Officer Thrown in Psych Ward by Superiors After Revealing Systemic Corruption

Madison Ruppert The corrupt NYPD puts one of their own in a psych ward after he reports their corruption.              

The White Hats and Lord James of BlackHeath Deliver a Death Blow to The Cabal

Lord James of Blackheath calls for an investigation in the House of Lords in London on February 16 2012, using evidence gathered by the White Hat organization on banking corruption to the tune of 16 trillion dollars. We also posted this from TPUC a while back: You might find this very interesting! Submitted by John […]

Rick Santorum Exposed: Knights of Malta Member, Warmonger, and Long History of Corruption

Federal Jack – Rick Santorum is an establishment, warmongering insider who would immediately attack Iran.              

Village of Cordova Disbands Its Police Force Because of Corruption

The Cordova Village Board voted late Thursday to disband the town’s police force after nearly a year of controversy that has resulted in a wrongful termination lawsuit and criminal charges. The board voted to override Mayor Bob Vanhooreweghe’s veto of the board’s motion to disband last month. The department will be dissolved Dec. 31. “When […]

Alec Baldwin on Ending The Fed, Ron Paul, SEC & Bank Corruption @ #OccupyWallStreet

Alec Baldwin showed up Tuesday night at Occupy Wall Street and talked to Luke, Rob, and Matt of We Are Change about Ending the Federal Reserve Banking System.              

Deepak Chopra interviewed by We Are Change @ #occupywallstreet

If you disagree with deepak chopra please respond with questions you would liked asked to him next we run into him. Luke Rudkowski asks Deepak Chopra what he thinks meditation will do for occupy wall street protesters, as well as thoughts on Obama’s drone strikes and corruption.              

U.S. Covers Pervasive Corruption In Immigration Courts

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has for years “grossly understated” statistics to conceal “inherent flaws” in U.S. immigration courts that have allowed more than 1 million removal orders to be ignored and droves of deportable aliens to evade hearings without consequences. In fact, pervasive corruption has long plagued the nation’s immigration court system and the […]

The FDA is Taking Action to Ban Natural Supplements

Greatest Threat Since FDA Tried to Turn Nutrients into Prescription Drugs! Listen to William Faloon discuss the FDA’s Latest Attempt to Ban your Dietary Supplements as recorded during the recent Life Extension Scientific Advisory Board meeting The FDA has just issued a proposed mandate that will enable the government to ban the most effective dietary […]