Websites Can Legally Pirate Porn Movies, Prosecutors Rule

Torrent Freak March 23, 2013 For years Japan’s leading producers of pornographic movies have been battling to protect their content overseas. In particular they have focused on Taiwan where websites openly sell their videos and TV channels air their content without permission. The studios eventually took legal action, but to no avail. This week prosecutors […]

If you sell your used iPad, you may be a copyright criminal, says U.S. Supreme Court

(NaturalNews) There is another copyright battle emerging over intellectual property, and this time you, John or Jane Q. Citizen, could be smack-dab in the middle of it, for one of the most innocuous acts you could imagine – selling your used iPad. At present the U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to rule on a case that […]

Copyright Board to charge for music at weddings, parades

Money can’t buy love — but if you want some great tunes playing at your wedding, it’s going to cost you. The Copyright Board of Canada has certified new tariffs that apply to recorded music used at live events including conventions, karaoke bars, ice shows, fairs and, yes, weddings. The fees will be collected by […]

Max Keiser on OWS, Financial Repression, Confronting Obama & Copyright Laws Luke Rudkowski interviews Max Keiser at Bryant Park after Max was done taping his TV show, The Keiser Report. Uploads by wearechange              

UK Approves Website Host O’Dwyer’s Extradition to US Over Copyright

The mother of a student who will be extradited to the US to face copyright charges has accused the government of selling him “down the river” as Theresa May approved his extradition. Richard O’Dwyer’s mother Julia said the government was “paving the way” for UK citizens to be extradited to the US. Red Ice Creations […]

Alex Jones admits eOnes censorship against Endgame Documentary, eOne unblocks all videos!

Click here to view the embedded video. Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Alex Jones has finally told all of his listeners on the record after I’ve sent to Infowars emails that Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement was censored by the corporation known as eOne or Entertainment One. USWGO has gone to war […]

The Copyright Office is a corrupt racketeering operation for censorship

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Now with evidence coming out that Alex Jones does still own the copyright to his films Endgame:Blueprint for Global Enslavement and not eOne like they claim on YouTube, more and more evidence is slowly coming out that Copyright is not what the U.S. Constitution stated in their […]

10 Sites Skewered by Anonymous, Including FBI, DOJ, U.S. Copyright Office

ShareThis 10 Sites Skewered by Anonymous, Including FBI, DOJ, U.S. Copyright Office 20 Jan 2012 According to Anonymous, 10 well-known governmental and corporate sites with ties to the entertainment industry were assaulted and knocked offline in retaliation for the FBI shutting down, one of the world’s largest file-sharing sites. Dubbing its DDoS spree “OpMegaupload,” […]

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling

ShareThis UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling —Possible five years in US federal prison for linking 13 Jan 2012 A 23-year-old student is facing extradition to the US, and possibly five years in a federal prison, after the British courts ruled he should face charges of copyright infringement for linking to […]

SOPA/PIPA won’t protect copyrights but instead enforce fraudulent takedowns by copyright stealing corporations

Look theres even a book on Copyfraud! Something has to be done about this! Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Note: I promise to start gathering up as much evidence of copyright fraud and then will spearhead eOne, RIAA, and the MPAA until they give back all the copyrights they have stolen. The […]