Aurora Police Chief: From Beat Cop to Intelligence Agent Operative

Shepard Ambellas | Eyewitnesses that also noticed that the shooter was not acting alone and the Aurora Police Chief is aware of it.              

ticket paid with 137 origami pigs

FYI: No I didn’t blatantly run a redlight, TheMowens1984 is just stupid. For higher detail images of the prep: I got this ticket in a town where the cops (and absurd redlight cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that’s it. I decided to pay in an appropriate manner – 137 origami pig […]

POLICE STATE FAIL: Cops attempt to raid garage sale, get sent packing

(FEDERALJACK)   A San Jose police officer storms onto private property and begins rooting through items being sold in a garage sale saying that he is looking for guns. The residents know their rights and stand up for themselves, ordering the cop off their property. From the video description: We left the children out for […]

POLICE BRUTALITY: Cop Beats 17 Year Old Girl Leading To Her Miscarriage Federal Jack              

143 MPH In A 55 Zone While DUI, Cops & Union Want Him Rehired

(TAC)   He was served a few too many, now his police union wants to protect his job. Most of us who aren’t naive know that law enforcement officers get treated differently when it comes to traffic laws. I’m not talking about the justifiable emergency cases on duty when a cop has to speed, run a red light or otherwise […]

CPD Police Chief Garry McCarthy on Agent Provocateurs: “What?”

Chicago’s top cop was asked by Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChnge if police provocateurs would be deployed during the NATO protest demonstrations dressed as Black Block participants. WeAreChange is in Chicago and will be covering NATO events all week. Be sure to follow Luke @ for updates and notifications for when the WeAreChange Stream goes […]

North Miami Beach Police Employees Fired Over Santeria Curse On City Manager

(MIAMI NEW TIMES)   North Miami Beach has fired two police department employees after they allegedly were caught in the office trying to cast a Santeria curse on the city manager shortly before mass layoffs were planned. Veteran officer Elizabeth Torres and office manager Yvonne Rodriguez were canned last week over the ceremony, says Mark Perkins, […]

Hacker group Anonymous targets pepper-spraying UC Davis cop

ShareThis Hacker group Anonymous targets pepper-spraying UC Davis cop 22 Nov 2011 The UC Davis police officer filmed casually pepper-spraying passive student protesters is the latest target of the computer hacking collective Anonymous. A new 10-minute video attributed to the “hacktivist” group threatens the officer directly and makes public his personal contact information – including […]

Threats turn to action in fight between Miami police and FHP

(MIAMI HERALD)   In the past week someone has defaced an FHP spokesman’s patrol vehicle with feces, and a Miami cop stopped a state trooper well outside city limits for an unexplained reason, amping up the heated battle between officers in the agencies. Tuesday night, a Miami police officer pulled over a state trooper near the […]

Out of control Atlanta cop terrorizing & abusing citizens allowed to stay on force

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