Lie Another Day: Bohemian Grove 2013

Lie Another Day: Bohemian Grove 2013 For the Bohemian Grove participants, it’s just another day of lies. To the people outside of the Grove, it’s just another day to protest the evil we face in this world. They were giving away free car washes to Bohemian Grove participants! They weren’t drying the cars, only washing […]

Geoengineer confronted – admits discussing spraying poison in the sky – Geoengineer Ken Calderia proposes spraying chemicals in our skies to “blunt the worst effects of global warming.” But when confronted (at 4:40) he was forced to admit there has been no global warming for at least 17 years (“it has leveled off”) and that when he worked at a nuclear weapons lab, […]

People who pay cash in hand are “morally wrong”, damaging the economy

It is ’morally wrong’ to pay tradesmen cash in hand, says David Gauke. David Gauke, a Treasury minister, told The Daily Telegraph that home owners who allow workmen to evade VAT or income tax were forcing others to pay more. His comments reflect growing concern in Whitehall about the cash-in-hand economy, which costs Britain billions […]

Israel considering military attack on Syria

ShareThis Another comment from the peaNUT gallery: Israel considering military attack on Syria 12 Jun 2012 Israel is apparently laying the groundwork for a possible military attack on Syria by alleging that Damascus could be using chemical weapons against the Syrian people. Tel Aviv has recently expressed concern about what it calls the use of […]

Unusual ‘Transport’ Vehicle Causing Some Concern April 26, 2012 ORIGINAL CAPTION: I got a forwarded email last night from someone, and like the person who sent them to me, I have NO idea what they are. The only thing I could think of is potentially FEMA movement vehicles. Has anyone seen these things before?What are these vehicles? Who uses them? […]

Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds

In an open letter sent of May 14, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, the Executive Director of MPP (Peasant Movement of Papay) and the spokesperson for the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPNKP), called the entry of Monsanto seeds into Haiti “a very strong attack on small agriculture, on farmers, on biodiversity, on Creole seeds…, […]

Military lawyers blast Guantanamo mail search as violating rights, ethics

ShareThis Military lawyers blast Guantanamo mail search as violating rights, ethics 15 Jan 2012 Military lawyers for Guantanamo detainees prisoners who could someday be put to death are accusing the new prison commander of censoring protected attorney-client documents, raising a new legal controversy that spotlights ongoing concern about the fairness of possible military trials. An order […]

Jesse Jackson: SC “sinking the ship in order to protect states rights”

From Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina: Jesse Jackson said that we are playing to an imaginary South Carolina and “sinking the ship in order to protect states rights”. Our response: “The only thing imaginary about South Carolina is Rev. Jackson’s belief that our citizens will have better health care, better schools, and better job […]

Rand Paul says green ‘radicals’ have taken over Obama’s policies

(THE HILL)   President Obama has allowed environmental extremists to take over White House policy, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Environmental groups have frequently battled the Obama administration and launched a protest Sunday at the White House gates, but Paul insisted the president has allowed them to take over government. “My concern is that the […]

Polar bear declared ‘species of special concern’ despite growing numbers

Editor’s note: Not sure why the Polar bears are being placed on this list, because the growing population and numbers are being reported to be a problem. Check out the article on the Examiner. Another article is also available on the Telegraph concerning a Polar bear expert barred by global warmists. According to this expert’s […]