Sheriff: If La. salt dome collapses, ‘It would be hell of a catastrophe’

(EXAMINER)   A Chief Law Enforcement officer in South Louisiana where a controversial salt dome links to bubbling waters is trying to defend people there from Gov. Bobby Jindal’s oil and gas industry human rights abuses by asking the governor in writing to stop, but the governor has been unresponsive, according to KATC news Friday. “If we have a collapse there, […]

Are The Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?

The Economic Collapse Blog Something really strange appears to be happening.  All over the globe, governments and big banks are acting as if they are anticipating an imminent financial collapse.  Unfortunately, we are not privy to the quiet conversations that are taking place in corporate boardrooms and in the halls of power in places such […]

Which Will Collapse First, the Economy or the Spent Fuel Pool at Fukushima?

By Christina Consolo – Nuked Radio May 6, 2012 It’s been two weeks since I wrote my first piece for End the Lie about Fukushima being a possible mass extinction event, and still no progress to report. [Editor’s note: it is worth pointing out that the attention Christina’s article received was unprecedented in the […]

U.S. Roads and Bridges Being Built By Chinese Companies As American Economy Teeters on Collapse

Alex Thomas | A recent report by ABC has confirmed what many have claimed for years; infrastructure jobs are going directly to foreign countries, particularly China. Regardless of the fact that US law usually requires American companies to be picked first for infrastructure jobs, multiple Chinease companies are currently working on U.S. bridges and roads. […]

Fleeing Babylon

Holly Deyo | What country is safe from the global collapse? Where can people go if they do choose to leave America?              

“The Entire System Has Been Utterly Destroyed By The MF Global Collapse” – Presenting The First MF Global Casualty

ZeroHedge November 18, 2011 Presented without comment, merely to confirm that the market as we know it, no longer exists: BCM Has Ceased Operations (source) Posted by Ann Barnhardt – November 17, AD 2011 10:27 AM MST Dear Clients, Industry Colleagues and Friends of Barnhardt Capital Management, It is with regret and unflinching moral certainty […]

Any action against Iran will speed up Israel’s collapse: ambassador

ShareThis Any action against Iran will speed up Israel’s collapse: ambassador. 12 Nov 2011. TEHRAN – Tehran’s Ambassador to Rome Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini has said that any action against Iran by Tel Aviv not only will be met with a strong and immediate reaction, but will also speed up the Zionist regime’s collapse. Citizens […]

Out Of The Ashes Of The Collapse Of The Eurozone Will A “United States Of Europe” Arise?

All over Europe, headlines are declaring that the eurozone is on the verge of collapse. Many people falsely assume that this will mean the end of the euro and a return to national currencies. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the case at all. Instead, this is going to be yet another example of […]

Earthquake hits Turkey, up to 1,000 possibly killed

A powerful earthquake which shook southeast Turkey on Sunday may have killed up to a 1,000 people as it triggered the collapse of dozens of buildings across the region, media reported the Kandilli Observatory as saying. Emergency workers battled to rescue people trapped in buildings in the city of Van and surrounding districts on the […]

Economic Collapse — Why It Won’t Be Stopped