Mandatory flu shots worry UNM Hospital employees

ShareThis Mandatory flu shots worry UNM Hospital employees 08 Nov 2013 University of New Mexico Hospital employees…object to being told the flu vaccination is now mandatory, and they want clarification about who pays if an employee has an adverse reaction. That was the message delivered Thursday from the workers’ union, District 1199 NM of the […]

Rick Santorum Slammed by WeAreChange – Ron Paul and Lt. Colonel Schaffer Assist

Rick Santorum responds to Ron Paul ad, Occupy Wall Street initiative to pass a Constitutional Amendment to Get Money Out of Politics, how he can be Pro Life but Pro War, BUT doesn’t respond to Just War Theory regarding Iran and if he will preemptively attack them. Ron Paul comments on Just War Theory, and […]

Rick Perry the Pornographer

Maybe it’s time for Ben Bernanke to actually be concerned about Rick Perry’s warnings that things are going to get ugly. Or, at least, perhaps the head of the Fed might want to ask for clarification: Is that “Big Tit Brotha Lovers 6”-ugly or “Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1”-ugly? It turns out that those are just […]