State Sues: Fed Rule against Felon Hiring Ban Endangers Public

At least one state has gone to court to fight the Obama administration’s preposterous new regulation limiting employers’ rights to ban hiring felons because it discriminates against minorities. It’s been an ongoing battle between a number of companies and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination, for […]

False Flag Syria: We Are Change East Bay News (Episode 60)

Do not start war in Syria. The world is watching. We Are Change East Bay News (Episode 60): Fukushima 900 days later, Continuation of Bush’s wars, Syria & Al-Qaeda, Alternative energy sources, John Kerry and the same war drums as Iraq, False Flags, Government proof of allegations, Corporate wealth, Banker wars, Sex sells Lies not […]

New York City Police Officers File Suit Claiming Intimidation to Cover Up Corruption

(The Ottinger Firm)   Four current and former New York City police officers have separately filed suit in federal court claiming intimidation by other officers to cover up corruption in the police force, as reported by the New York Times. For decades, the New York Police Department has required that any officers who observe suspicious or illegal activity […]

Corporate Controlled Media Mischaracterizes Ron Paul Over FEMA Tornado Victims Story

The Intel Hub | The corporate controlled mocking bird media has once again mischaracterized Ron Paul, this time during the most important week in his presidential campaign history. The corporate media (which in the past has publicly stated their fear of an America with Ron Paul as president) has attempted to further smear his campaign […]

Muslim women must remove face veils as their signatures are witnessed under new Aussie laws

Muslim women in Australia’s most populous state will have to remove veils to have their signatures officially witnessed under the latest laws giving New South Wales officials authority to look under religious face coverings. New South Wales state Attorney General Greg Smith said in a statement on Monday that beginning April 30, officials such as […]

Anonymous Promises Regularly Scheduled Friday Attacks

By Quinn Norton, Anonymous, a group not known for discipline, is giving itself a weekly deadline, a new attack every Friday. Following the Tuesday compromise of the website of tear gas maker Combined Systems, Inc., the Antisec wing of Anonymous struck a Federal Trade Commission webserver which hosts three FTC websites,, and […]

Police: American claiming to be diplomat detained at Pakistan airport for bullets in luggage

ShareThis Police: American claiming to be diplomat detained at Pakistan airport for bullets in luggage –Officer: Suspect had 13 bullets in his luggage 14 Feb 2012 A police officer says an American citizen has been detained at an airport in northwestern Pakistan after bullets were found in his luggage. Dost Mohammad Khan says the man […]

Russian Government Counters Protests with Propaganda

The Intel Hub February 4, 2012 MOSCOW — Today the Russian Government is holding a massive rally for President Vladimir V. Putin, pumping out propaganda to the Russian people, claiming that continued protests will lead to more revolution and breakup of the country. Bone chilling (cold) weather in moscow on Saturday did not stop Russian citizens […]