New Evidence is filed in U.S. District Court concerning USWGO Brian D. Hill’s Innocence

New Evidence has been filed on PACER which may exonerate Brian D. Hill, the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News and of We Are Change NC. This may prove the Innocence of Brian D. Hill and acquit him of the possession of child pornography charge. It is now up to the U.S. Attorney to […]

USWGO Brian D. Hill fires lawyer, and forced to take Polygraph; Law Enforcement Whistleblower reports Brian’s set up on child porn

Note: Posted by a anonymous family member of Brian D. Hill. His family controls his accounts until Brian is off of Supervised Release where he is prohibited from using the Internet no thanks to the corrupt politician and corrupt police that was apart of framing him. Originally by Sheila Originally sourced from Planet Infowars Originally […]

Politicians push for ISP Data Retention while Government sexually abuses children

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Right now the leader of SOPA internet censorship bill sponsor, Lamar Smith, is proposing a bill that will be detrimental to the Internets stability, privacy, and freedom. This bill known as H.R. 1981. and also titled the Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 will break […]

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography