El Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico es un tratado de libre comercio promovido por Estados Unidos y que incluye a Chile, México y Perú. Conoce cómo afecta nuestros derechos y únete al clamor global por un TPP abierto y justo.  ¡ NO A NINGUN ACUERDO FIRMADO EN SECRETO ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0WLSxoIiOIhttp://www.nonegociable.pe/ https://www.facebook.com/nonegociable.pehttp://www.cdc-ccd.org/Accord-de-libre-echange-du?lang=es http://tppabierto.net/en-el-mundo http://www.larepublica.pe/13-05-2013/alertan-sobre-los-riesgos-del-acuerdo-transpacifico http://es.justinvestment.org/2013/05/sociedad-civil-entrega-firmas-a-humala-exigiendo-no-ceder-en-negociacion-del-tpp/ Texto completo […]

CDC: U.S. kids with autism up 78% in past decade

The number of children with autism in the United States continues to rise, according to a new report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The latest data estimate that 1 in 88 American children has some form of autism spectrum disorder. That’s a 78% increase compared to a decade ago, according […]

CDC Warns That New Swine Flu Strain Has ‘Pandemic Potential’

[Yeah, especially when you make it so.] 22 Feb 2012 A paper published Tuesday by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control suggests a new swine flu virus has the potential to cause an outbreak. The A(H3N2)v swine flu strain that has infected at least 18 Americans since Sept. 2010 has shown the potential for […]

Are the flu shots safe?

John Fitzgerald read the fine print in the flu shot insert and shared it with the public. You can read the package inserts here. Section 8.1 reveals that the shots may cause infertility and miscarriages. Yet the CDC still encourages pregnant women to get the shot. John wants to remove immunity of prosecution from the […]

CDC Calls Morgellons’ Nanoworms a Delusion, Protects DARPA

By Rady Ananda Activist Post January 31, 2012 Imagine having the mental prowess to be able to create living filaments heretofore unknown, that can reproduce themselves, some of which come with identifying letters embossed on them, and then to make them extrude from beneath your skin, all against your conscious will. Sound like science fiction?  […]

CDC: We are tracking swine flu virus in five states and we expect more

ShareThis CDC: We are tracking swine flu virus in five states and we expect more [LOL! Of course you do, since you created it.] 24 Dec 2011 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday that it has identified the second case of human infection of swine flu. Since August, 12 people have been […]

Female scientist charged with child molesting and bestiality is back at work at the Centers for Disease Control

(DAILY MAIL)   The senior government scientist facing child molestation and bestiality charges has returned to her high-powered job at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44, is accused of engaging in ‘immoral and indecent’ sex acts with a a six-year-old boy. She and her live-in boyfriend, 42-year-old […]