Robin Williams Questions – What Schemes May Come

Ask Questions, Look For Answers. After the first Press Conference about the death of Robin Williams. Lieutenant Keith Boyd, of Marin County Sheriff’s Office said, “We’re not discussing the note or a note at this point as the investigation is on-going and that information will be discussed at a future time at the concluding press […]

Phoenix Pastor, Jailed For Holding Church Services Without Proper Permits

Michael Salman, a Phoenix, Ariz., pastor, is currently serving a 60-day prison sentence, the Arizona Republic reports. But why exactly he’s in jail has been the subject of much discussion and confusion. The pastor and his supporters say that he was jailed for holding weekly bible study sessions with family and friends, and argue that […]

Fukushima reactor meltdown was a man-made disaster, says official report

Japanese investigators say tsunami wasn’t sole cause of nuclear accident and criticise collusion and poor regulation “Across the board, the commission found ignorance and arrogance unforgivable for anyone or any organisation that deals with nuclear power. We found a disregard for global trends and a disregard for public safety.” Red Ice Creations News Feed   […]

Mystery surrounds Kennedy wife’s death

ShareThis Mystery surrounds Kennedy wife’s death 17 May 2012 Robert F Kennedy Jr’s estranged wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy has been found dead in her home. Attorney Kerry Lawrence, who had previously represented her, said he didn’t know the cause of her death at age 52. An autopsy was scheduled for tomorrow (NZ time). Police confirmed […]

Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire: Antidepressants and a Mutation in the CYP450 Gene May Cause Widespread Illness

Alex Thomas | Antidepressants and the CYP450 gene have a direct connection.              

The True Cause of the Death of David Kelly

Since his untimely death in July 2003, questions have continued to be raised about the circumstances of Dr David Kelly’s death. Many wonder whether he really killed himself and speculate that he was murdered. His sudden death shocked the nation – how could it have happened? Red Ice Creations News Feed         […]

Seismometer Station Rules Out Earthquakes As Cause of Clintonville Booms

Despite official claims to the contrary, early data from a seismometer station in Wisconsin rules out earthquakes as an explanation for last night’s mysterious booms in the town of Clintonville, as residents continue to clamor for answers amidst increasing suspicion. Red Ice Creations News Feed              

USGS: Micro-Quake Cause of Strange Noises in Clintonville

The Intel Hub | Most likely a cover story for suspicious activity.              

3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devastation ahead

By Adam Shell, USA TODAY Behind the mainstream Wall Street happy talk about more stable financial markets and an improving economy are grim warnings of tough times ahead from a small cadre of doomsayers who warn that the worst of the financial crisis is still to come. Harry Dent, author of the new book The […]

Hey Rick Santorum, What’s The 4th Amendment?

After reminding Rick Santorum that he said he doesn’t agree that the Patriot Act violates the 4th Amendment, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change asks Rick Santorum to tell us what exactly the 4th Amendment is. The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution: —————————————————————————————————- The right of the people to be secure […]