Cameron’s War with Syria Defeated in House Vote Tonight

original article from 21st Century Wire UK Column Live Aug 28th: How British MPs Are Being Manipulated into War 21st Century Wire says… LONDON – David Cameron’s march to war in the Middle East hit a wall tonight, as British MPs have voted against ‘possible military action against Syria’ regarding retaliation for last week’s alleged […]

David Cameron defends secret courts and surveillance plans

ShareThis David Cameron defends secret courts and surveillance plans 04 Apr 2012 David Cameron has defended plans to create a new generation of secret courts and to extend powers to monitor the public’s emails, phone calls and social media communications, saying the government needed to take every step to keep the country safe. The prime […]

Fuel panic may be good, said Cameron – we will not be ’held to ransom’ by tanker drivers

David Cameron told shocked Ministers ‘a bit of petrol panic may be no bad thing’ as he set out his determination to defeat the threatened strike by fuel-tanker drivers. According to senior sources, his provocative remark was made at the end of a Cabinet meeting last Tuesday that was dominated by the dispute. Mr Cameron […]

James Cameron dives to Earth’s deepest point, the Mariana Trench

The filmmaker arrived at the site known as “Challenger Deep” shortly before 8 a.m. local time on Monday, reaching a depth of 10,898 metres, or roughly 11 km beneath the ocean’s surface, said the National Geographic Society, which is overseeing the expedition. Cameron’s first words to the surface on reaching the bottom following a descent […]

Memo to Cameron and Obama: if you want cheaper oil, stop printing money!

By James Delingpole, The Telegraph One of the understandable issues of concern which has been raised during David Cameron’s Brokeback-Mountain-style bonding session with his fellow liberal Barack Obama is the rising price of oil. Maybe they should watch the clip of Ron Paul telling it like it is to Obama’s Spendthrift-in-Chief (aka head of the […]

Obama agrees to top-level talks on extradition law after Gary McKinnon case is raised by Cameron

ShareThis Obama agrees to top-level talks on extradition law after Gary McKinnon case is raised by Cameron 14 Mar 2012 Barack Obama has agreed to top-level talks on cutting the number of Britons extradited to the U.S. for trial after David Cameron raised the plight of computer hacker Gary McKinnon with him. The Prime Minister […]

Kirk Cameron on NDAA: “If that’s really true, that’s some serious stuff.”

Anthony Antonello and Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange run into Kirk Cameron at CPAC and ask him what he knows about the National Defense Authorization Act signed by Obama on New Years Eve 2011.              

Cameron and Sarkozy visit Libya (09-15-2011) Federal Jack