Anti-marijuana New York assemblyman busted for weed possession

(RAW STORY)   A Republican lawmaker in New York who has a record of voting against medical marijuana legalization has been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. State police said that a suspicious odor was noticed in Assemblyman Steve Katz’s vehicle when they pulled him over for driving around 80 mph in a 75 mph […]

Busted: White House And Implicated In Forgery Scam

(BEFORE IT’S NEWS)   This piece below just came across the transom from The REAL Myth Busters – The Editors at Proof Positive located at Americans United for Freedom, National Processing Center, PO Box 131728, Houston, TX 77219-1728. As I have proven on a half-dozen “Before It’s News” articles in the past year or so, […]

General Hayden CIA and NSA Head Confronted

General Michael Hayden runs away after legit questioning about the privacy of Americans citizens, that he himself violated