Mind Body Soul Radio: Spiritual Introduction

A spiritual introduction to Mind Body Soul Radio. Greg Fernandez Jr. explains his view on what “The Church” is. “I want to be a part of the real church.” There is One Church. Christ is the head of the church and the people are the body of the church. This is a very spiritual show, […]

NY judge rejects lawsuit by OWS protesters against top officials

ShareThis NY judge rejects lawsuit by OWS protesters against top officials 08 Jun 2012 A Manhattan federal judge has said that the hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge in New York last year cannot proceed with their claims against top city officials. US District Judge Red Rakoff said in a written ruling […]

Twitter fights request for Occupy protester’s data

ShareThis Twitter fights request for Occupy protester’s data 08 May 2012 Twitter Inc filed a motion in a New York criminal court on Tuesday seeking to quash a subpoena for Tweets and account records associated with Malcolm Harris, a Twitter user who was arrested last fall on the Brooklyn Bridge during an Occupy protest. Prosecutors […]

Unmasked: Meet The FBI’s Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch

ShareThis Unmasked: Meet The FBI’s Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch 02 May 2012 The paid informant who helped orchestrate the FBI sting that resulted in the arrest of five anarchists for allegedly plotting to blow up an Ohio bridge is a convicted felon who was arrested on bad check and theft charges in the midst of […]

Senate Considers Taxes From Inherited IRAs to Pay for Roads

By Carol Wolf, Bloomberg.com U.S. highway and bridge projects would be financed by tax changes including closing loopholes, forcing early distribution of inherited IRAs and reallocating other tariffs under legislation before a Senate panel today. The panel will also consider an amendment to let the federal vehicle tax rise with inflation. A recommendation to require […]

Mexican Trucks Entering U.S. Cited for 1 Million Violations

(FOXNEWS)   Inspectors from the Texas Department of Public Safety have found a million violations in trucks coming from Mexico into El Paso, Texas between 2007 and 2011, according to a report by the El Paso Times. The report comes just weeks before Mexican trucks will be allowed to begin shipping long-haul freight into U.S. territory. The […]

$100,000 Bridge Stolen for Scrap Metal

(WKBN)   Police in Lawrence County are on the look out for a stolen bridge. The 50 foot steel bridge was stolen sometime between September 27th and October 5th. The bridge was in a wooded area between Route 551 and Brewster Road in North Beaver Township. Police say the bridge was made out of corrugated steel […]

NYPD sets trap at Brooklyn Bridge for #OccupyWallStreet

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live arrest at brooklyn bridge #occupywallstreet by We are Change