Obama’s Austerity Agenda And Sequestration

March 22, 2013 MEDIA ROOTS — “Both parties have conspired to bring us disaster,” says Professor William K. Black, a leading white collar criminologist, who also teaches economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. “This has strangled the recovery and may even put the economy back into recession.”  Professor Black gives a crucial […]

Tab for alternate Afghan supply route hits $2.1 billion

ShareThis Tab for alternate Afghan supply route hits $ 2.1 billion 30 Jun 2012 Pakistan’s refusal to let NATO access its ports and roads into Afghanistan has cost the Pentagon more than $ 2.1 billion in extra transportation costs to move supplies and equipment in and out of the country. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told […]

Military computer upgrades 30 years behind schedule, cost $7 billion

ShareThis Military computer upgrades 30 years behind schedule, cost $ 7 billion 22 Jun 2012 Nine computer network upgrade projects across the Defense Department were collectively 30 years behind schedule and more than $ 7 billion over budget, government auditors have told Congress. The problems first identified in 2010 persist, the auditors told lawmakers in […]

US Senate blocks bid to restore $4.5 billion for food aid

ShareThis US Senate blocks bid to restore $ 4.5 billion for food aid 20 Jun 2012 The US Senate has overwhelmingly rejected a bid to preserve some $ 4.5 billion in food stamps funding, as part of the massive farm bill. The request to keep that spending in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or […]

BP Owes $192 Billion for Gulf Oil Disaster, Not $15 Billion Settlement It’s Seeking

ShareThis BP Owes $ 192 Billion for Gulf Oil Disaster, Not $ 15 Billion Settlement It’s Seeking 11 Jun 2012 On Friday, the Financial Times reported that BP is hoping to reach an agreement with U.S. authorities which would require it to pay under $ 15 billion to settle all criminal and civil penalties arising […]

CNN Founder Ted Turner Supports Population Reduction To 2 Billion

CHECK http://twitter.com/lukewearechange for when the WeAreChange Bilderberg Donation Drive Broadcast from Chantilly, VA goes LIVE @ http://ustream.tv/wearechange. Please help WeAreChange! All we have is you! http://wearechange.org/donate For decades, a shadowy and secret elite organization called the Bilderberg Group has plotted policy together that subjugates humanity under the cover of darkness. From June 1-3, WeAreChage will […]

Scientists to build $1 billion city where no one will live

In what is being billed as the first of its kind, a billion-dollar futuristic town is being built in New Mexico, but humans need not apply. The new 15-square mile city will be built as a testing ground for new, cutting edge technologies. The Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation project will “help researchers test […]

Barroso explains EU commission’s five billion € budget deficit

Barroso explains EU commission’s five billion € budget deficit. … !? Is this an April fools joke? Seriously, it’s so sick I can’t even tell any more. Yeah, they just send out bills …for €5 billion!? This is how the whole damn EU shit economy is going to work in the future as we learned […]

AIG, Now 77% Government Owned Needs 6 Billion More

The Intel Hub | AIG is now trying to sell off part of the company to get 6 billion needed to payback loan.              

GE Paid Just 2.3 Percent in Federal Taxes Over Last 10 Years on More Than $81 Billion in Profits

Madison Ruppert | Thanks to tax loopholes and deductions, General Electric (GE) was able to pay a mere 2.3 percent in federal taxes on over $ 81 billion in profits over the last 10 years, according to analysis of the corporation’s tax filings conducted by Citizens for Tax Justice.             […]