Peter Pan syndrome: Does the rise of women mean men will never grow up?

It’s a widely-agreed belief that girls mature faster than boys. But a new book claims that an increasing number of men never grow up at all. Author Kay S. Hymowitz says that the rise of women at school and in the workplace is fuelling a ‘Peter Pan syndrome’ in the opposite sex – men who […]

ONCE UPON A LIE: BOHEMIAN GROVE 2012 (We Are Change East Bay News)

PART TWO: We Are Change East Bay News at The Bohemian Grove protest July 14, 2012. Perhaps the same day as the Cremation of Care? Manny, Doug Millar, Walter Bradley WE ARE CHANGE EAST BAY – join us for meetings and discussion: Excerpt from “Sacrifice” by Greg Fernandez Jr. (coming soon) Alex Jones interviewed […]

NASA specialist says he was fired over belief in intelligent design

Its latest mission is defending itself in a workplace lawsuit filed by a former computer specialist who claims he was demoted – and then let go – for promoting his views on intelligent design, the belief that a higher power must have had a hand in creation because life is too complex to have developed […]

WAC Colorado almost Arrested Feb 22 at NDAA Protest for Senator Udall’s Terrorism Event

  Bruce Baumann We Are Change Colorado Grassroots Media March 3, 2012   On December 15th 2011, exactly 220 years after the signing of our Bill of Rights, our democratically elected United States Senators voted 86-to-13 to pass the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012.  The bill authorizes indefinite detainment and torture of […]

January 4, 2012 The trouble with my uncle, Rick Santorum

If you want another big-government politician who supports the status quo to run our country, you should vote for my uncle, Rick Santorum. America is based on a strong belief in individual liberty. My uncle’s interventionist policies, both domestic and foreign, stem from his irrational fear of freedom not working. It is not the government’s […]

Jesse Jackson: SC “sinking the ship in order to protect states rights”

From Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina: Jesse Jackson said that we are playing to an imaginary South Carolina and “sinking the ship in order to protect states rights”. Our response: “The only thing imaginary about South Carolina is Rev. Jackson’s belief that our citizens will have better health care, better schools, and better job […]

A Detailed Analysis of Asteroid 2005 YU55

The Intel Hub Shepard Ambellas November 2, 2011 Recently there has been many stories reporting on the near earth object known as 2005 YU55 that is set to pass by earth as well as the moon on November 8-9, 2011, but one very important question has yet to be conclusively proven either way. Will 2005 […]

Use of Private Contractors Doesn’t Save Government Money, Study Finds

ShareThis Use of Private Contractors Doesn’t Save Government Money, Study Finds –Federal government spends about $ 320 billion a year on contracts for services 13 Sep 2011 Despite a widespread belief [fueled by corporate-owned media propoganda] that contracting out services to the private sector saves the federal government money, a new study suggests just the […]

Rothschilds stage revolutions to kill Islamic banks in emerging North African markets

We cannot avoid the obvious meddling of the Rothschilds who appear to be behind aspects of the recent uprisings in an attempt to stop the new North African banks that are springing up. As always, the Rothschilds want to be the only bankers in town. Contrary to popular belief, the world’s finances are controlled by […]